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Ooh! oh-oh-oooh! A sparkly! + Collection Things

So I was lucky and guessed the Pokemon for the Pokedoll Stamp contest thing. Guess who I got? I wish I was this lucky in love. And money. =_=

I never take pics, so I snapped a few of my other new things. And old things. Taking pics is hard.

As you can see, my Emolga collection is very meager... I doubt I'll keep the pin forever, but it's pretty cool and goes with the Emolga Pokedoll tag so well.

Shimmering Pokemon Kids Tepig and Pansage. Apparently they were 7-11 lotto prizes or something? They're so pearly and came with interesting art.

I finally got Archen! He's gorgeous-tastic.

That plastic thing under Keldeo's hoof is totally not needed, but I stuck it on there anyway cuz it came with the Zukan. It's my first Keldeo thing and a beautiful Zukan.

The Seel Dewgong Zukan is one of my absolute favorites so I was happy to get it. The Meowth there goes with the Seel beach scene thing so they hang out together.

The Water Type shelf is a mess, but there it is...

The bulk of my Floatzel and Buizel figure and misc. collection.

I'll have to take a better pic of the Floatzel Zukan diorama because it is all pretty together. You can't really see Mantine, there. :x

My Nincada are my favorite Bug Pokemon. The clear Pokemon Kid on top of the normal one looks like it's shedding its skin. :) I really want the Nincada Zukan if anyone is looking to sell.

I don't like Ledyba all that much, just the spiders....

The spiders and Paras-ects got too big for the Bug shelf. :x Random Trapinch in the back, yes.

That's all the Bulbasaur things I have... I wish I had more!

I mainly collect Summer Deerling. But had to get some Sawsbuck, too. Yeah, I'm missing the Pokemon Center Summer Deerling. ;3;

I like the clear Reshiram most. The one in the back is really cool, but falls apart if you look at it wrong.

Also have Dunsparce, Linoone, and Girafarig charms.

idk these guys just have to share a spot... Cubone case figure is under Marowak's bottom.

Special shot of all my Lunatone stuff, minus Pokemon Trozei sticker I forgot.

What I managed to get of Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon since they're my favs. Not shown very well since they are on the bottom shelf basically on the floor. :s

That's all without most of the plush and Dialga, Pansage, and Tepig things, erm... I'll have to get them next time along with the plush. Thanks for looking~
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