Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

WTF did i spend like 4 hours setting up last night when i have to update sunyshore in about 14 hour?!?!?!?! THIS!!!!

i finally got a jumbo hammock for all my "extra" plushie that spill off the shelf (yes, a TON of these are doubles XD) and now i have room for a ton MORE! BRING ON THE MAGNEZONE PLUSHIES!!!!!YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!! this also gave my lions more room to grow upward! oh, can you spot the secret visitor?

a shot of my entire room to show how big the pokewall really is (looks smaller when i shoot the whole room, doesnt it?). i want the theme of this week to be POST YOUR WHOLE ROOM! show how your pokemon fit into the rest of your room/house! :D we always just post closeup shots... show us your whole shelf/wall/bed/whatever!!!!

but seriously though, the boy tries to tell me my toys take up lots of space (to justify himself buying a huge space hogging excercise bike). like hell they do! my entire collection is up on the wall, taking up not even a foot of floorspace. HAH! genius, i know.

and i regret to join the "here is a picture of my big dumb face" posts we've had a few of recently, but in the box with my hammock, my dad also put this helmet i ordered (to modify :D) and my ROARKY BADGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so excited by how all it takes is a helmet and glasses and i can cosplay roark that i posed with the badge upside down.

i also took lots of pics of me molesting a sheildon plush, but i'll spare you those ;)
Tags: collection, plush
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