baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

collection + sales

Package appeared! What magical wonders could be inside?

Sandshrew used Defense Curl!

So cute. That's the only new shrew in this update.

Here are some ghosties for my BF.

Now, what a lot of people have been waiting for:

Auction of three dark kids and one Umbreon pan sticker!

Bids start at:
Sneasel Kid: $4 - BIN $15
Houndoom Kid: $8 - BIN $25 - Current Bid: $13
Original Umbreon Kid: $10 - BIN $30 - Current Bid: $20
Umbreon Pan: $5 - BIN $25

I take Paypal, shipping will be as cheap as possible and determined by your location/item weight. There will be a Paypal fee included in your final value.

PLEASE place your bids in comments to the other bidders! Keep it organized. :]

LOL ENDING TIMES ARE IMPORTANT sorry guys. XD The auction will end at 8 PM US Central time (That's CST) on Sunday!
Tags: collection, houndoom, misdreavus, sales, sandshrew, sneasel, umbreon, weavile
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