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Kids and new cards!

Hey all! I got some new kids today, so they're up here.

  • Paypal only. If you pay by credit card you can pay to my friend's account, but let me know so I can give you the right Paypal address and add the fee. I'd prefer instant transfer/from balance/bank account Prices in USD. Discounts for large orders!
  • Shipping from Australia - ask for a quote.
  • No holds - normally I would, but right now I need money pretty quickly ._.
  • Feel free to make offers - I might not accept, but I won't eat you.
  • I'll add random common/uncommon cards with every order, unless you have specific requests.

Shipping on (any number of) these is $10 to most places, less to Australia/NZ. Unfortunately, that's the cheapest air shipping Australia Post offers. But it's the same up to 250g, so if you buy multiple kids, or kids and cards (or whatever else), it'll stay the same for a while. :>

If you're bidding, please reply to the last bid (if there was one)!

For auction: Eeveelutions

Flareon - starting bid $5, BIN $10
Vaporeon - starting bid $5, BIN $10
both sold!

Clear Jirachi and Deoxys (2 different versions) - $4 each
All others $2 each

Battle e-Cards! You scan them on an e-Reader and then connect to a GBA running Ruby or Sapphire to battle new trainers. These can go as letters, so shipping is less than on kids. $5 each.

I've made a big update to my card sales post, I got a box of Majestic Dawn so there's a lot of new stuff there including Eeveelutions and prerelease promos! Expecting two more boxes of cards this week, so another update next weekend probably.

I also have a rare staff prerelease promo Mothim on eBay here! :D

Okay, thanks for reading ^o^
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