pixel pixie's parlour (tehpixelpixie) wrote in pkmncollectors,
pixel pixie's parlour

pokemons for sale!

Yay I got my very first zukan =) Woop woop! Unfortunately for me, I didn't get the ones I really wanted so they're now up for grabs ^^

There's also some of my other items that I still have for sale under the cut too ^^

Raaar Palkia is going to eat yoooo

Palkia zukan - I still have the original packaging so I can put him back in his bag to send to you =)
$8 + shipping

Lucario zukan - I do apologise about the blurry picture, my camera has trouble focusing on tiny things =(
$6 + shipping

also willing to do trades on these as I do really love the zukan figures XD

Taking offers on this, it's from the year 2000 and it was a topps card tin, it's quite big and I'll throw in my cards with it too, there's like 40 random topps cards or something like that.
I can show pictures of the cards too on request.

Holographic TCG Cards - $3 each.

Palkia Pokekid - $3

Again, willing to take trades on these ^^

All prices are without shipping of course.

Tags: cards, jolteon, lucario, palkia, sales, vaporeon, zapdos, zukan
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