Heidi (origamigryphon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello everyone! On Friday My husband and I, along with a good friend of ours, spent an awesome day at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg Virginia!

Why would I mention where I went this weekend? Let me show you!


This is the swag I got from Busch Gardens. One of these birds is not like the other!


Here's Piplup with my cat for size comparison. X3


Tag closeup.


The other side.

I'll tell you that this Piplup is now my lucky Piplup. I won him from a skill game, where you had to throw whiffle balls into a whole mess of short tubes. Most of the tubes were white, which didn't win you anything, and the ball simply fell through the tube to the bottom, where the whiffle balls were held. Very few of these tubes were colored Red, Yellow, or Blue, and depending on the color you got, the size prize you won. These tubes had a bottom, so that the person running the game could see that you won, and you only got balls of a certain color so that they knew it was you that won it. At this stall there were not only Piplup, but Chimchar, Pikachu and Croagunk, along with Sonic characters, Amy and Shadow.


Now, the color I needed to get to claim a Piplup was a blue. There were only -6- of these blue tubes in the whole mess of 50-some odd white. My husband only had 4 dollars on him, but my good friend threw in an extra dollar so I could get 8 balls. I knew it was a long shot, considering I had NEVER won at any of these games before.

Wouldn't you know it that I got the blue ringer on the 5th ball? *_* I was completely amazed, and did a fistpump of victory!

Edit: Its hard to make out on the tag, but I noticed they misspelled Squirtle with two t's. X3
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