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Josh ~ 水ポケモン

Trades and wants!

Hi all! I just finished final exams so I thought now would be a good time to post some items up for trades and wants. Today's items up for trade include some clear kids and rare Zukan!

100% Positive Feedback:

Items up for Trade

(*) If you're interested in purchasing some of these for straight sale, let me know too!

Japanese release Articuno Zukan - good condition besides some corrosion by its peghole, but not noticeable when standing upright.

Altaria line Zukan - great condition, wrong color base.

Gallade Zukan - new

Clear Heracross Kid

Clear Sandslash Kid

Original 1999 Horsea Cardass

Pegless Moltres Zukan

Pelipper, Mudkip, and Torchic Mystery Dungeon houses. These were Gachapon releases and are no longer produced. Each comes with its original packaging and all figures.

Wants are under the cut. I can trade the above items for anything below, pay for them, or a combination.

I am potentially interested in all Zukan, especially from R/S/E sets! Here are a few particular ones-

Other Wants

May, Team Aqua, Magma, and Max lamincards

^ I will pay VERY generously for any of the above figures!

Anime Lamincard (credit: slothyshroom)

Retsuden Stamps! I am potentially interested in any Hoenn series Retsuden stamp. I'm particuarly interested in Swellow, Tailow, Pelipper, and Wingull:

^ I would be interested in any merch related to this movie!

Thanks all!
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