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My Outing to TRU and Wal Mart

As many of you are doing, I decided to post pics of the nice pulls I've gotten from the new Majestic Dawn series. A few holos I don't really want, so you guys can make offers for them if you wish. I also got some more stuff while I was out, so take a gander if you please. ^_^

The rev.holo was a trade between me and kaygee84. I gave him a rev.holo Lucario card for it. Don't worry. It was an extra, just like the Leafeon he gave me. ;) The non-holo Leafeon, rev.holo Aerodactyl, and rev.holo Kabutops I don't really want. So you guys can make offers on them. I also pulled a Glaceon LV.X card yesterday. ^__^ The pic is down below in which it's amongst my other LV.X's and EX's.

I apologize for the grainy pic. >< My camera hates taking non-flash pics. The top three were pulls, not promos. :) I have an extra Sneasel ex card if anyone is interested. ;)

My other ex cards. ^_^ I just received the Groudon ex in the middle yesterday in the mail! <3 Yay! The Swampert ex card was MIA for awhile, but was found sometime last month on a small desk in the game room. ^^; I was happy to see it again. :3 Kyogre ex was my very first ex pull.

Last page of cards I will torture you guys with. XD I had to show off my Ladyleg cards. :3 Not many, I know. ;_; I have the giant one that was recently released in the set with the card in the bottom right corner. Just forgot to take a pic. ^^; Promo Lucario I won on ebay. The Jap Phione and Darkrai were extras kaygee84 didn't want, so he gave them to me. :3

Other Stuff I Got:

Snagged these two today! To my surprise and utter joy, Poochy was only 98¢!!!!! ^___^ I don't know why, but eeeeeepp~~!!! He's so cute! <3

My awesome as all hell new rubbery system wrap! <3 Twas a bit expensive ($20 to be exact) because it's a Japan Pokemon Center exclusive system wrap. I got it at this really awesome store called Japan Video Game. It's really close to where I live. ^__^ They also had the Japan Pokemon Center exclusive rubbery Pikachu system wrap that I WILL get next time I go. It's so cute~! I'm sure you guys have seen these people selling on ebay. They're alias on there is EGAMESTAR ONLINE. I think the store used to be called that way back when. *shrugs*

Last, but certainly not least, my new BIG Pika pillow~! <33 I put him next to the big Pika plush Gin gave me for size comparison. He was the last one on the shelf at the TRU in Azusa. ^__^ I snagged him right away and carried him all over the store. =^^= Got me some looks from other people, but who cares!? I got my big Pika~! =P

I also wanted to ask who is going to the TRU Darkrai event next weekend. ^_^ My boss gave me Saturday off, so I'm gonna get there bright and early! Or... should my sis and I camp out over night like nut jobs? xD;; I wish you guys lived closer so we could all have a get-together there. ;_; Ah well. We still have AX. ^_^ So, for those of you going to this event, tell me about when you plan arriving and any other plans. :)
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