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Anime Central Haul and Sales

I returned from Anime Central on Sunday, and have finally taken the time to set up my pictures and things I gathered to sell. I have some new kids and plushies ^-^

So first a
This is all the stuff that I got :D Yay!

I got a thermos! It's so cute!, and I used it to carry water during the con. The Mewtwo beedy thing is a magnet.

First line of the Pokemon kids I got, they had a LOT, but I gave a lot away... Leafeon is already away...

More kids! Yay!

Last one. Little Breloom is punching the air!

I got a Talking Mew, he's so cute, he's like "myyuu" awww...

I got a HUGE stack of cards. There was a booth that was selling unopened old packs! I bought... um.. a lot. I kept one original booster unopened to sell to you guys. Or if no one wants it, I'm going to open it myself haha. Maybe it's got a Charizard! Heheh.

And the final addition! He's so cute! A fat little Dialga that I named Tuna ^-^ He's so adorable that I had to buy him X3

So life was good to me at the con! I was excited that I got recognized in my Magma costume. And I got to compete in the Pokemon tourney. And I lost in the first round. But all the people in it were really nice, and really cool. I want to be by Pokemon fans more often...

And a sales post
Only paypal or concealed cash accepted.
Holds for only a week.
Shipping for flat items is a dollar in the US, 1.50 outside the US.
Shipping for other items depends on the weight of the item and your location, I'll let you know when you ask.

First off I have:
These little guys work best together, but I'd separate them if it's the way you'd like to go. They're backpacks, about 10 inches tall with pull strings on the top.
Together: $20
Alone: $12

Deoxys Kid in defense form is an applause figure, he still has his box, though it's flattened, and he's got his sticker as well. $3.50
Ludicolo Jakks figure $2.00
Manaphy coin.. which I know nothing about. I got her from a comic book. SOLD
Original Booster pack $8.00SOLD

Plushies! They're from a smoke-free home. Azuril is from Walmart a few years back, I don't know who did the plush in the US a few years back, but he's very gently used. Pachi is from the Pokeball sets, I don't like Pachi personally, but I bought the pokeball for my costume...
Azuril- $5SOLD
Pachi- $3SOLD

This little notebook with lots of Pokemon on it. It's only about 4-5 inches tall with at least 150 pages with Pikachu on them. $3

These are all the cards from my kids, I don't really want them. I have no idea if anyone would, but they're just 25 cents. ONLY TURTWIG AND SMERGLE REMAINING

Eeveelution POPs, 4 dollars each or 11 for them all.SOLD

This is a big mat it's made of a plastic-y material. I have no idea what the material is called, but I suppose you could use it as... a bathmat or something. It's water-resistant and whatnot. That second one is it next to a normal Pokemon card. I'm asking $8 for this guy.
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