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Re-intro and long overdue collection update!

Hey all! I just did a quick search and the last time I posted a collection update was May 2011, so over a year ago! Since I'm sure a lot of people around here might not recognize me, I thought a re-introduction was in order. Here goes!

Okay, so I'm Ashley, and I've been a member of this community since January 2011, but I've been a lover of Pokemon since it came out here in Canada. Right now I'm a university student, and I'm working on a double major in Biological Anthropology and Conservation Biology, with a minor in Geology. I'm not sure yet but I might pursue palaeontology in grad school. That, or I'll probably continue along the lines of conservation. I collect way too many species of Pokemon, so most of my collections are relatively small compared to those of a lot of other people here. I also have a tendency to slow down on collecting quite a bit when I'm in school, since I don't really have too much time to be on here. Besides Pokemon, I also collect My Little Ponies :)

And without further ado, here's my collection!

This is what you see when you walk by my room (along with all my green MLPs)! We've got all my electric rodents (though I've narrowed that down to only Plusle, Minun, and Raichu now) and cats! Soon I'll need to reorganize and move these around, I'm running out of room. Hidden behind the Plusle and Minun on the right is the talking Pikachu from way back when :P

Here's a better shot of all the kitties, since they were kinda cut off in the last one! I think Purrloin and Liepard are my favourite of all the Poke-cats. I really do love the eeveelutions, but they're just so popular I can't keep up. I will pick up some stuff (mostly Jolteon and Leafeon) if the opportunity arises and the price is right hehe. I also do have to say I wish there was a plush of Purugly! I feel like it would be so nice and fat and cuddly!

Legendaries! As you can see, they're all very sparse... Which is sad because I really, really love Giratina! So uhh... *cough cough* if you have some 'tinas.

...Okay, so there's one more Giratina! This was actually the plush that got me into Giratina. I had never really thought too much about it before, but I saw this one at Anime North last year and just fell in love. And there's a story behind the Christmas get-up, too! This year at my work's Christmas party, we all got festive hats, and when I got home I needed somewhere to put mine. Giratina's head just happened to be the perfect spot, and I thought it looked so good that it's kind of made a permanent home! This had lead me to calling her Princess Santina (you can't tell from the pic I don't think, but there's also a tiara on the hat).

Here's all my grass starterlutions! While I'll pick up anything from them, my main ones are Ivysaur, Bayleef, Sceptile, Torterra, and Servine. A lot of unloved middle evolutions there, lol! I do have to say though that Torterra is my favourite (with Ivysaur running a close second), so if you have any 'terras for sale I want them! I'm especially looking for the two plushes I'm missing :D

My fossil Pokemon. I have a bunch of kids on the way, but it's still very lacking! I'm mostly interested in the Hoenn fossils, Omanyte, Omastar, Shieldon, Bastiodon, and Archen. I'm a little sad since I'm missing a lot of them, and Cradily is actually one of my all-time favourites!

Azu(marill) and Quagsire make a good pair, don't they? I think these are some of the 'mons I've been fond of the longest! I really don't know how I ended up with so little of them, ahah!

Awww, my poor whales! But it's not all so bad, since...

I've got the epically big Pokemon Time Wailord! I bought him as a Christmas present for myself this year, and it was definitely one of the best buys ever :D At first I didn't want to cuddle him because he was a pretty big purchase for a student, but I couldn't resist! He's a little squished from being around me and snuggled all the time, so he's got a little bit of Jay Leno/Aerodactyl chin going on xD

Here's all my currently small/side collections! Poor Slowking appears to have fallen over for the picture! I really would like to have more hermit crabs and Tropius, and I'd like to add a few more...

In addition to individual species, I have a love for Kaiyodo-made figures (and I'm eyeing some of the newer nicely sculpted figures). These are all of my TFGs!

...And these are my chess/bottle cap/pre-order figures! I love Reshiram's pose!

Lastly, these are my bedtime snuggle buddies! Pichu is a bootie that I bought before realizing that it was. I couldn't pass up Marill after seeing it's derpy adorableness even though it was clearly not legit. And Toy Factory Piplup is the newest addition. I don't collect Piplup but he holds a special place in my heart since my best friends won him for me at Canada's Wonderland last week :)

Finally, here's some wants! You can hit me up with pretty much anything I don't have, but I'm especially looking for Cradily/Lileep, Torterra, Giratina, Purrloin/Liepard, Dwebble/Crustle, Quagsire, Azumarill and Parasect! Oh, and the Banpresto Tropius plush is suuuuperrr high on my wants list!
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