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♥ Shiny Cupcakes ♥

So nightmare_chan2 and I decided to do some customs together again. Like we did with the Eeveelutions. This time nightmare_chan2 had the idea of shinys! So here are the ones I wanted to make. :D Look under the cut for more details and bigger pictures. Thank you everyone! ♥

♥ T.O.S. ♥
I received sales permission on 7/7/10 from Lineaalba. You can see my feedback here:
My figures are all handcrafted with Sculpey III clay and small details are painted on with acrylic paint. After they are baked I then glaze them with Sculpey brand glaze.
All community rules apply.
Figures size depends on what you order, but they generally are about 1" tall.
I will only take Paypal payments and must receive payment within 24 hours after I give you your final total.
I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have poor feedback.
I'm not open for trades at this time.
Shipping to the US costs $4.00. Shipping internationally costs $5.00. I ship each figurine in a protected small box, which is then inserted into a bubble mailer. This is the safest way that I have experienced when it comes to shipping, however figurines are still fragile and I can't be held responsible for any damage or lost items once the package leaves my hands. If you have a more comfortable way you would like your item shipped then I am all ears! If your figurine is damaged, you will need to pay the extra shipping to have it come back to me but I will be happy to repair it for you if you would like to ship it to me in case super glue isn't your friend.
Auction will start as soon as all the threads are up and this auction will end Friday June 15th at 6:00 pm PST.
Each shiny cupcake charm starts at $10.00. Please reply to the leading bidder when you go to place a bid.

♥ Shiny Ponyta ♥

This shiny Ponyta was made with blue glitter and Ponyta itself is shimmering with pearl dust to make them extra shiny. This Ponyta also comes with a shiny sparkle charm with a blue gem.

♥ Shiny Drifloon ♥

This shiny Drifloon was made with yellow glitter and Drifloon itself is shimmering with pearl dust to make them extra shiny. This Drifloon also comes with a shiny sparkle charm with a yellow gem.

♥ Shiny Charizard ♥

This shiny Charizard was made with black glitter and Charizard itself is shimmering with pearl dust to make them extra shiny. This Charizard also comes with a shiny sparkle charm with a black gem.

As well as my cupcake charm auction I am also offering some custom slots! ♥ For your own one of a kind cupcake charm of any Pokemon of your choosing. I have 10 slots open at the moment. Take a look under the cut for more details! ♥

All my last batch of custom charms is completed and will be shipped out by the end of this week! ♥

♥ Customs Info ♥
Each cupcake charm will be $10 - $15 depending on Pokemon and detail of request.
Let me know what color theme you would like you're cupcake to be and/or full detail of how you want your cupcake decorated. Need some ideas? Here you can see all my past cupcake charms if you need some inspiration:
Not sure how you want your cupcake decorated? That's fine too, just let me know if you'd like to give me free reign to design your cupcake. Majority of the cupcakes above were free reign.
I can make just about anything. Any fruit, candy, nut, or decoration you can imagine so don't hesitate to ask.
Just a warning to anyone that wants a very detailed Pokemon, example: Reshiram, I will have to simplify some details since these cupcakes are so small. I will try my very hardest to make all those little details, but some things will have to be simplified.
From the pictures below pick out the color of phone strap you would like and if you would like a bell added to your charm pick out the color of that as well. I have limited amounts of each color for both straps and bells so please have a back up just in case I've found I am all out of your first choice.

♥ New colors are in! ♥

Never be scared to ask me for a quote! ♥

Slots Full

squeakaree Shiny Buneary - Candy Cupcake (PAID)
squeakaree Cinccino - White Chocolate Cupcake (PAID)
eeveelutiongirl Roark + Rampardos - Coal Badge Cupcake (PAID)
eeveelutiongirl Volkner + Luxray - Beacon Badge Cupcake (PAID)
eeveelutiongirl Cress + Panpour - Trio Badge Cupcake (PAID)
eeveelutiongirl Byron + Bastiodon - Mine Badge Cupcake (PAID)
eeveelutiongirl Pike Queen Lucy + Seviper - Luck Symbol Cupcake (PAID)
eeveelutiongirl Lt.Surge + Raichu - Thunder Badge Cupcake (PAID)
eeveelutiongirl Dario + Dodrio - Sour Cherry Cupcake (PAID)
eeveelutiongirl Hun + Steelix - Sour Apple Cupcake (PAID)
eeveelutiongirl Nando + Roserade - Sour Lime Cupcake (PAID)
eeveelutiongirl Riley + Lucario - Sour Blue Raspberry Cupcake (PAID)
eeveelutiongirl Ash + Pikachu - Sour Lemon Cupcake (PAID)
eeveelutiongirl Shiny Eeveelutions - Cupcake (PAID)
eeveelutiongirl Shiny Eeveelutions - Cupcake (PAID)
Tags: charizard, custom, drifloon, ponyta
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