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Member Sites Master List 2.0

original artwork by J4ne-d-C4t

Credit to dakajojo for the format of this post and creating the first MCSML.
This post is an archive of permanent collection sites for all of our community members. To apply, simply comment with all of the requested information in the following format:

Collection Site Name: Put the name of your collection site here.
URL: Put the URL (link) of your collection site here.
Status: Please put what the current status of your collection site is. (Choose one term from the listing status key below.)
Tags: Put up to 10 tags here. Choose any Pokemon or Pokemon Trainer. If you only collect pokedolls, zukans or tcg (for example) you may use these terms as tags instead of specific Pokemon or Pokemon Trainers.

This list is open to anyone who is a member of our community so long as your collection site is focused mainly on Pokémon and is compliant to our community guidelines. Please go here to review our community guidelines.

Your collection site must be working and active. Random reviews will occur and if your link is found to be dead or inactive it will be moved to the revoked status for 30 days and you will be notified. If no action is taken on your behalf to make your listing active within this timeframe it will be removed from the Member Site Master List and you must reapply if you want your collection site to be relisted.

What makes a collection site inactive? If it isn't updated, has broken images/links, ect.

don't have a collection site?
If you don't have a collecton site but would like to make one, here are a few suggestions on where you can make your collection site:
    Google Sites

don't have a collection banner?
You can easily make your own collection banner to exchange links with other users by saving this template to your computer. Open the template, add your own images and add some text with your favorite photo editing program to make your site banner.

listing status key
Open - The collection site is currently open.
Coming Soon - The member has indicated that the collection site is under construction, and should open in the very near future.
Hiatus - The member has indicated that the collection site is on hiatus, and should reopen in the very near future.
Closed- This collection site is currently closed.

application response key
Approved - Your collection site has been reviewed and will be added to the Master List.
Denied - Your collection site has been reviewed and is not eligible to be posted on the Master List. A reason will be provided.
Revoked - Your collection site has recently been reviewed and no longer meets eligiblity requirements. You have 30 days to respond with a working and active link or your site will be removed from the Master List.

Member Collection SitesCollapse )
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