gengareric (gengareric) wrote in pkmncollectors,

new pokemon plush auctions and sales

well in honor of finally completing my old original release USA evolution pokedoll collection so I bring you these sales and auctions

- Prices are in USD.
- I only accept payment from Paypal at the moment.
- I am not responsible for packages after I have shipped them
- holds only if you are bidding on auction plush and 100% committed to buying the other plush
- payment expected asap within 3 days unless you ask if you can send it in however many days then payment is expected that day or the item is put back up for sale also say when payment is sent
- My feedback
- granted sales permission on 20 DEC 2011 by entirelycliched
- can haggle
- auctions timer here
- no sniping and all other normal auction rules

all plush only have tush tags and are in good shape

Jacks chimchar 5$

Jacks Arceus 5$

Hasbro treat keeper meowth 3$

Hasbro treat keeper bulbasaur 3$

Jacks turtwig 3$

jacks duskull 5$

Jacks grotel 5$

Jacks Monferno 5$

Jacks tentacool 5$

BK Oddish 2$

I know it isn't a plush custom shiny ralts table rock thing 3$


Hasbro Spinda really soft tempted to keep it
starts at 10$

Large Hasbro Grovyle
Starts at 10$

Hasbro corphish really soft and a awesome plush I am only selling it because I have two of him
starts at 10$

I also have this charmander that I may sell if you would like it shoot me a offer I currently can't get a picture of it because my sister took it with her to work for some reason

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