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Small Auction Time!

Hey everyone!
Just two small (literally) auctions for you today!

Before I get to the auctions, just a small reminder that puyro and I will be at ConnectiCon this year between July 12-15! If you're around the area at the time, we would LOVE to meet up with you!

Basic Rules★
☠ Items are coming from Massachusetts, USA
☠ I ship Domestic & International
☠ Prices DO NOT include shipping
☠ Prices DO NOT include PP fees
☠ Feel free to ask questions

Payment Terms★
☠ Prices are in USD
☠ I accept Paypal ONLY (Fees are not included in price)
☠ Please pay within 2 days of confirmation by Paypal

Shipping Terms★
☠ Please include your zip code in your inquires if you're from the states
☠ If not in the states, please include what country you're in so I can tell you your shipping
☠ I ship small packages and flats throughout the week. Large packaged are shipped on Saturday.
☠ I do combine shipping
☠ I am not responsible for uninsured or damaged goods. Please ask for insurance if you want it when commenting.

☠ I don't smoke but the person who lived here before me did!. Yes, there might be some cigarette smoke caught in your items but I have no control over this. I think it's horrible too!

Feedback can be found here
Sale permission from denkimouse September 9th, 2008

Vulpix Candy Figure
☠ USED, has mark on right of snout and paint wear on right snout
☠ Belly says "TM & (c) 1999 Nintendo MADE IN CHINA"
☠ Shipping within the states will be $2 and International will be $3

Oddish 151 Pin
☠ MINT! This pin is flawless, just not inside a package!
☠ Look at him, you need him in your collection!
☠ Shipping within the states will be $2 and International will be $3
Tags: oddish, vulpix
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