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quick quick quick! big weeding needed; rare tomys and such!

Hey everybody! I've been posting a lot lately...but this time, some more big weeding sales and a couple of things I found recently are included!
Such as... A TON of minty fresh BK figures and toys, including a Mew that still lights up!
Lapras, Slowking and Houndoom TOMYs
A Brock TOMY trainer figure!
Edit: There's also a small lot of Eeveelution items!
And TONS more!

Follow Growly to the sales!

Erm, Growly...I'm not an expert or anything...but that Pikahat might be too big...

Rules and Such
Sales permission granted by dakajojo in March of 2011
I ship from the US
I MAY take trades, but it will take a very much-wanted item for me to budge this time!
(A Reshiram Pokedoll would count as a VERY persuasive offer! *wink wink* *nudge nudge*)
Shipping gets expensive for big items, and to outside the US!

Sandslash- $2.00
Geodude- $1.00

Ditto- $4.00
All others- $2.00 each
(These are a little on the heavy side!)

Psyduck- $1.50
Mew(LIGHTS UP!)- $5.50
Tauros- $2.00

Vileplume- $4.00
Meowth- $2.50 (Higher shipping, as he will need a box or to be VERY well packed)
Victini- $1.50 (I also have a black base, if you like-just ask!)

This was given to me when I preordered Diamond. $6.00 shipped!

$4.00 (Higher shipping, same as Meowth)

Back row- $9.00 each
Middle row- $6.00 each (Tauros and Victreebel are on hold!)
Front row- $4.00 each

Salamence, Dialga, Palkia- $3.00 each
Latios- $4.00 (I also have Latias! Take both for $9.50 shipped!)
Others- $2.00 each

Zorua throw plush- $4.00
Zorua Jakks- $4.00
Zoroark and Oshawott McD figures- $2.50 each
*Take all the Zorua/Zoroark for $9.50 shipped!

Take everything for $18.00 shipped
Talking Blaziken- $8.00
Silver Blaziken- $5.00
Cyndaquil electronic Dex figure- $5.00
Cyndaquil V-trainer- $3.50

Chikorita line- $11.00 shipped
Slowbro- $4.00
Slowking- $7.00
Quagsire(loved)- $3.00
Seel(slightly loved)- $4.50

Arcanine w/launcher(may not be correct launcher?)- $5.00
Houndoom TOMY- $12.00
Dragonair TOMY- $9.00
Lapras Roller Stamp(VERY RELUCTANT TO SELL!)- $20.00 OBO(Nothing below $10!)

Take the lot for $30.00 shipped (May take a decent offer; will add Jolteon TOMY if you can negotiate)

Meowth walkie-talkie(Take it away!)- $8.50 SHIPPED
Salamence Hasbro figure(Higher shipping)- $7.00
Poliwhirl BK card, Togepi BK card- $2.00 each (Take both for $5 shipped)

Latias- $4.00 (I also have Latios! Take both for $9.50 shipped!)
Gengar top- $3.50
Silver Typhlosion Hasbro- $8.00

Brock- $20.00 OBO (Will add Boulder badge replica from my GB for $5.00 extra)
Mewtwo- $12.00 OBO
Lapras- $20.00 OBO

TONS of stickers in here! Most are intact except the Pikachus! Take this for $7.50 shipped or add it to any order for $5.00!

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