icarus | cial (funkicarus) wrote in pkmncollectors,
icarus | cial

speedgamers raffle for 30k!

i hate to say it, but i missed posting about the 25k auction! they passed 20 and 25 last night when i slept. i'm sorry! so here's the next one!

by now you already know the deal. the raffle is to raise money for ACT Today, which is a charity to help kids and families with autism get care and treatment they might otherwise not be able to afford. this means like, doctors bills, therapy, assistive technology, specialized schooling etc. it's a really good cause and the speedgamers are HALFWAY to their goal of 50k!

the raffle is just one of many insentives~

So what are the 30k prizes?

- a custom made gengar wallet!
- a shiny deino art cell!
- a MINT IN BOX copy of pokemon blue!

if you're interested in these prizes, a mere 10$ donation to charity will enter you into the raffle to win them! when the speedgamers hit their 30k mark, they'll raffle a winner who will then be contacted via email.

along with your 10$ donation you can also request they name a pokemon for you when they catch it! in the comment field, just let them know what pokemon/what name (also that you want to be in the raffle). and then hang out and watch! it's been really fun so far, they've been pranking eachother for donations and it's p hilarious.


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