Jan (poliwhirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Post LIVE again finally - HUGE UPDATE!

Whee! I have finally spent so many hours updating my stock and sales post, it's finally back on LIVE AGAIN!

^- It feels great having sorted all these stuffs 8D.... now I NEED THEM GONE from my tiny room :'D
Yep.. that's almost 100 new images added!

Lots of plushes, zukans ( Yes I missed selling zukans ;-;) and loads of random stuffs for STRAIGHT SALE
And Pikachu 2006 Canvas, Umbreon Canvas, Charmander Mini Pokedoll, Eevee Friends plush, Charmander Friends Plush up for offers!

Please do read the rules carefully though. I know they are wordy but are important!

Note that S&H starts at $2 and does not include fees ($0.3 + 3.9%). I have had a lot of times when I charge the minimum shipping and get a "I am going to pass" reply after waiting for so long and it's getting really annoying :(


(Fake cut/ click the images above to SALE!!)
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