artikgato (artikgato) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Card Sales!

Artikgato here, back from a long hiatus, with a bunch of cards to sell! I've got a bunch from Dark Explorers, LV X, Prime and full art cards, as well as a lot of reverse-holographics. I honestly don't remember which mod granted me sales permission, as it happened over four years ago! If nobody recognizes my name, it's because I randomly have lots of activity in spurts and then disappear into the internet for long periods of time. :)

Click on the banner below for my card sales. I welcome trades!

Also, I picked up this figure at a convention recently. It's a clear shiny Nidoking! And it's red, for some reason. I was wondering how rare these are? I'll probably be selling or auctioning this kid off with a few others pretty soon, but I have no idea how to price it.

Tags: cards, nidoking, sales
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