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Going on vacation/inactive

Hello pkmncollectors

Really sorry for being so darn inactive these days been kind of busy getting ready for our Japan trip starting next week on the 26th. Hoping the weather won't be bad during the visit. (Highly doubt it with the rain and hot weather..eh still worth it )
(not to mention haven't bought much stuff from the community cause been saving up to use most of my money there XD )

Minor update with an item under the "cut"

Wanted to come by and share just one of my new item I just got in the mail (a hand-made snivy necklace from a dA user)

So here's all my custom items I have related to Snivy, not much but feel really special to have them
(yes that's one of my oldest item I have since my childhood a banpresto handkerchief of the chus)

Also most of my items from my sales post is still available so if I get any orders before the 23rd (and they are fully paid) then I can ship it to you by then if not I won't be able to till the 17th when I get back. (Still got some tissue packs if you're interested)

and for anyone who I have not left a feedback to please let me know and I'll get to it asap (also a reminder of what I bought since it has been some time and not really good at remembering things ^^; )
* and for the people I owe payment to, no worries it will be taken care of before I go

Thank you for reading, and be seeing you when I get back from the land where the world of pokemon began. XD

Going to finish off with my recent fanart I've done with Keldeo's new forme

Tags: keldeo, snivy
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