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Guess what?

As the title asks, guess what fellow pokemon lovers?

On Friday there will be an auction in my town. In that auction there is a few really neat pokemon items.
My dad took some pictures on his phone, so hopefully I can upload those here for you all to see.
From the photo and my dad's explanation, there was pokemon figures (I don't know if any are very rare or special).
There was also a line up of these thick, golden pokemon cards (that had pikachu, mewtwo, etc...on them)
This isn't the exact image of them, but this is what they all looked like:

Apparently they're pretty rare, so yeah...
Anyways, I might pop in on the auction and try to score some of these neat beauties.
If I win any of them, I might actually have an auction myself on here (once I get sales permission, of coarse!).
It may be alittle while before that ever happens, but I might! So please watch for it if you desire any of the items I have mentioned above! Although, I cannot gaurentee that I will sell them because I might fall inlove with them myself. Sorry if that is the case. None of them are really a big concern in my collection, but it would be neat to own them. Anyways, further updates will be given on this case maybe by Friday!
Stay tuned!

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