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Gen 4 time, boys and girls!

Okay, guys! Since there was so much interest in doing a Gen 4 GB for these badges, here you go!
Again, each badge will be $4.00 from the site to me, and $2.50 from me to you!

Coal badge-
Forest badge- northernsky49
Cobble badge-
Fen badge-
Relic badge- sugar0coated
Mine badge- babael
Glacier badge- tomokii
Beacon badge- gleameyesluxray

Let's try to claim all these puppies this time!

Edit: Also check out my sales please! I still have a ton of old and rare TOMYs and a small lot of Eeveelution stuff.

Edit again: all Kanto GB badges went out yesterday, with the exception of gengaar's Volcano badge! If anyone has seen gengaar about, please let me know. I'm still awaiting a response from them.
And again, jeez- gen 5 has shipped from the site!
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