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Hi everyone! My deputy service box full of goodies arrived earlier than I thought it would, so I put the stuff I'm willing to part with up for sale! And there's also a Banpresto Zapdos plush with tag up for auction! <3


-I was granted sales permission by [info]entirelycliched on April 2, 2012.
-My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/miss10/
-All community rules apply.
-I ship from Florida, USA.
-I live in a smoke-free and cat-friendly house. My cat does not go near my collection and other items, however, be aware that cat hair has a mind of its own.
-I will ship worldwide, but if you are out of the US, please let me know if I have to do a specific thing, like filling out a customs form so you don't have to pay nasty customs fees.
-Make sure to state your location so I can give you a quote.
-I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages once it leaves my hands. If that concerns you, feel free to ask me about adding tracking/insurance to your order.
-Prices do not include shipping + Paypal fees.
-I recycle mailers, but they will be very secure when mailed. If you want a new mailer, please mention it in your comment.
-Feel free to haggle, especially if buying more than one item! But don't take it personally if I reject your offer.
-Shipping within the US starts at $1.50 in the US for flats and starts at $2.50 for non-flats.
-Shipping outside of the US will start at $3.00 for flats and starts at $3.50 for non-flats.
-I try and ship as soon as I can, and if there is a delay, I will let you know as soon as possible.
-Payment by Paypal only, however, I will consider other methods if you are committed to buying the item.
-I can hold your item for 48 hours, but if you are absolutely committed to purchasing the item, I can hold it for you longer.
-I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody (especially if they have negative feedback, unreliable, etc.).
-I am not accepting trades at the moment, unless it something on my wishlist: http://miss10.livejournal.com/1856.html
-And finally, DO NOT send payments as a "gift" when paying with Paypal.


*All plush here are in very good/new condition. Please ask for further details, if you wish, of the plush you want, ie. the condition on the hang tag. Thank you.*

I have here a genuine Banpresto Zapdos in very good condition (close to mint even) with tag (and the tag is in very good condition as well). Sorry about the glare though; he does have both eyes. I have not removed him from the plastic bag my deputy put him in, so you will receive him as such. ^^ - $40 OBO

Banpresto DX UFO Emboar Plush (with hang tag and tush tag) - $20

Jakks Oshawott Plush is sold.
Jakks Tepig Plush (with hang tag and tush tag) - $7

Jakks Sandile Plush (with hang tag and tush tag) - $7
Jakks Scraggy Plush (with hang tag and tush tag) - $7

Jakks Duskull Plush (no hang tag or tush tag, sadly) - $5
Jakks Munchlax Plush is sold.

I recently got the Mewtwo TCG Box, so I'm putting the figure and the jumbo card for sale. (This pic is just for show)

Jumbo Mewtwo EX Card - $5
TCG card pack is for size comparison.

Mewtwo TCG Figure - $3

I'm not sure what these figures exactly are, since I don't remember where I got them.
Pikachu - $2
Chimchar - $3

Pokemon Snap Instruction Manual - $3
Pokemon Stadium Instruction Manual - $3
Pokemon Stadium 2 Instruction Manual - $3
All are in great condition.

Pokemon Yellow Version Trainer's Guide (Instruction Manual, also has some wear)- $1
Pokemon Crystal Version Trainer's Guide (Instruction Manual, great condition) - $2
Pokemon Gold Version Trainer's Guide (Instruction Manual) is sold.

Pokemon TCG Version 3 Rulebook - $2
Pokemon TCG Diamond and Pearl Mysterious Treasures Cardlist Booklet - $2
Pokemon TCG Dragon Rulebook - $2

Entei Movie Promo card with info card MIP - $2.50 each

Kyogre Promo EX Card - $8
Groudon Promo EX Card - $8
Both are minty fresh.
Or get both for $15

Pokemon Tattoo sheets MIP. $2.50 each

Small Pokemon Toy Gameboys. They came with the Hasbro Pokemon figures back in the day and when you pressed the screen, a ball would shoot out. The ball was attached to a string though. However, all the Gameboys here have had the strings cut and the toy balls removed. So they will be $0.50 each.

More Toy Gameboys. These all have the ball with string attached intact, EXCEPT for the one on the bottom right corner. All are $1 each, but the one with the cut string is $0.50.

Pokemon electronic Yahtzee game. It still works! Ask me if you want batteries to be included or not (it takes two AAA batteries). $2

Lugia and Ho-oh coloring pages. Lugia is on one side and Ho-oh on the other. Both are slightly wrinkled. $1 each.

These are Pokemon "3D Trivia Challenge Books" with marker/pens that reveal secrets in the books. I'm not sure what they are exactly, but they are MIP. And they come with a holographic card of the Pokemon featured in the book. The ones available  are Quagsire, Ledyba, Togepi, Donphan, Chikorita, Pikachu, and Marill. Bellossom is sold. $5 each.

Here is a used opened Lugia trivia challenge book as an example if you decide to open the package.

The book is quite small, as big as the holographic card. You can then use the marker to uncover the secret pictures and words in the little book. The Lugia book is also missing a page. The Lugia trivia challenge book package is also for sale, but for a discount since I opened it. $1.

Pokemon candy box. It had gum, but I chewed it all. Weak lemon/melon flavor. Eh. Anyway, the empty Pikachu with Reshiram and Zekrom string box is $2 and the Tepig and Axew stickers are $0.75 each. Or get them all for $3.  

More Pokemon candy. Each little package still has gum in it. Zoroark, Reshiram, Zekrom, Pidove, Sandile, Pikachu, and Oshawott are $0.50 each. And just in case you were curious how the gum looks like...

Just a white flat piece. Tastes like lemon/melon. It's okay.

Zorua was used since it was already sticky from being attached to the sticky part of the stickers package. He is a freebie.

Stickers that came with the candy. $0.50 each. Or get 4 stickers (one side) for $1.50.

Chatot screen cleaner. $4.50

Plastic shiny coins. The middle Reshiram/Zekrom is gold, while the one on the right is bronze - $1 each

Marbles. A bit used so they're $1 each.
Chatot, Metapod, and Munchlax marbles are sold.

Pokemon TCG Damage counters. $0.50 each.

This is just a group shot pic. I took detailed photos of these Game Trainer Pieces over here in my journal. *WARNING, POST IS IMAGE HEAVY* Commenting here or on that post for getting a quote is fine. Clicking on the photo will lead you to the post as well. Some are $1 each, but most are $0.75.

More pogs! Like with the trainer pieces above, there are detailed pics in this post of my journal. *WARNING, POST IS IMAGE HEAVY* Commenting here or on that post for getting a quote is fine. Clicking on the photo will lead you to the post as well. Some are $1 each, but most are $0.75. Also, I have a bunch of plastic Masterballs, which are $0.75 each. They are in quite used condition though.

Action flipz. Each are $0.50. Since the pics are not perfect, I will list them.
-Pikachu/Raichu (SOLD)
-Bulbasaur/Ivysaur (2x)
-Cubone/Marowak (2x)
-Geodude/Graveler (2x)
-Hitmonlee (two poses)
-Krabby/Kingler (4x)
-Machop/Machoke (2x)
-Nidoran female/Nidorina (2x)

More action flipz. Each are $0.50. I will list them, due to the pictures not being very clear.
-Oddish/Gloom (3x)
-Pidgey/Pidegeotto (4x)
-Rattata/Raticate (3x)
-Spearow/Fearow (2x)
-Squirtle/Wartortle (4x)
-Voltorb/Electrode (3x)

Weedle/Kakuna action flipz. $0.25 each. There are three of them (I forgot to photograph the third one).

Sky Pong cutouts. Each Pokemon is $0.75, except for the big Pikachu on top which is $1.00.

More Sky Pong cutouts. Each Pokemon is $0.75, except for the big Piplup, which is $1.00. Pachirisu and Buneary are sold.

Even more Sky Pong cutouts. Ash, Pikachu, Buizel, Dawn, Piplup, and Mamoswine are $0.75 each. If you want the rest of the random stuff, I can include it for free with your purchase.

Sky Pong toy gun - $0.75

Chatot cutout - $0.75

Each small sticker here is $0.50, but the Johto Starters trio sticker is $1.

Each sticker here is $0.50.

Each sticker here is $0.50.

The stickers above Arceus are $0.50 each, while Arceus himself is $0.75. Raichu is $0.50 or free with purchase (he's a little dirty).

Laminated Zorua custom flat. Has a punch-hole so you can put a strap through it and use it as a keychain - $0.75

Chupa Surprise Candy Figure Tag - $0.50
Gardevoir Tattoo - $0.75

Small Piplup Line cards - $ 0.50 each or get all three for $1.25

Metal coins - $1.50 each

Silver Skymin Chou Get figure with base MIP - $7 or best offer (also comes with little info pamphlet)

Top row stickers - $2 each (Articuno and Magikarp have been sold)
Middle row Pokedex Cards - $2.50 each
Bottom row stickers - $2.50 each (Vulpix and Growlithe have been sold)

Each card here is $0.50.

Pokemon: The First Movie Topps cards - $0.75 each

Foil (holo) Pokemon: The First Movie Topps cards - $1.50 each

Bye Bye Psyduck Topps card - $0.75

Pikachu's Vacation Topps cards - $0.75 each

Chatot card thing - $0.50
Action Flipz wrapper (2x) - $0.50 or free with purchase.

Zukan figure base. $0.50 or free with purchase.

Freebies! *warning, they may increase shipping* The one on the left is a folded Kraft Singles cheese box, hehe. And the item on the right a sticker.

More freebies! I know one is a Chou Get base, the clear base is a Weezing Tomy figure base, but I have no clue what the other bases are. And the Zorua candy wrapper is covered in dry residue, which why he is free. =P

Ah, and my box of goodies contained a grail! I'll post about it tomorrow. Here's a teaser pic.

And that's it! Thanks for browsing! <3
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