Jenny Lynn (elekid) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jenny Lynn

Unreleased Jakks Figures? ._.

So while I was Pokemon-hunting at garage sales yesterday, I came across a Toys R Us checklist poster for Jakks figures, from really early 2007 I believe? Obviously I bought it, and once I got a better look at it there were a lot of the original Jakks figures on the checklist, but there were also a few I'd never even heard or seen about on the community. Help me out?



I've checked multiple Ninetales collection sites around, but haven't seen anything about a Ninetales Jakks figure. Same with the Ekans figure in the corner of the photo...


Cubone and Xatu were some of the others that caught my attention. My assumption is there might be possible prototype figures for these Pokemon out there (if I'm not crazy and there aren't any figures of these pokemon yet)??


This one I'm a little more sure they exist somewhere, but I haven't seen any with my own eyes. If anyone owns these clear Latias/Latios figures, if you could post or PM me a picture that would be luffly. 8D
EDIT: These do exist! Thanks so much rhys107!

Comments concerns or question? Feel free to comment, I don't bite. Thanks guys! :D

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