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Quick MPC set 16 Group Buy

I'm sorry for that ridiculous time limit but we have only less than 17hours. I thought it's adequate for a GB =3
The set came from Y!J / Noppin, of course all the plushies are new with tags.

Only Ferroseed is still available !


My sales permission was granted on 07/20/11 by Dakajojo.

- All standard community and GA rules apply!
-my feedback OLD NEW
-Shipping will be from France (it will cost $4 for one plushie)
- I accept only paypal for payments.
- Each payment is due within 48h
-There will be 3 payments.
  Payment 1 – auction price + shipping to deputy + deputy commission
  Payment 2 – shipping from deputy to me
  Payment 3 - shipping from me to you

Each plush will cost arround $9 for the first payment (including the shipping to deputy and thedeputy commission)
The start price is 580 jpy for each one.
I'm claiming Zorua

Claiming list :
  • Frillish : lucachan
  • Unfezant male : lulupin
  • Mienshao : sugar0coated
  • Zorua : Me (zugagirl)
  • Larvesta : paperoid
  • Ferroseed : lulupin

Here's a sreen the total for the 1st Payment 

I will pay for the Ferroseed MPC because it still unclaimed.

Tags: group auction, mpc, plush
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