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My first wants post :3

Okie doke here are some plushies that I really want NEED X3 please let me know if you have them and are willing to part with em' I really don't have very much money to spend seeing as I'll be starting colledge in the fall and shall join the ranks of broke colledge students, but please feel free to PM me and perhaps we can work something out.:)

I'll begin with the things that I know are easier to find
Sheildon want
Yup it's the Shieldon UFO Plush to go with his Cranidos counterpart :)
bulba want 2
Next is derpy face fluffy Bulba PlushI dunno his real name but I want him and he's overpriced on ebay :/ (ordered :D)
bulba want
Walky Bulba is soooooo cute I want one :o
Raichu want
Raichu Canvas Plush, that doesn't cost a ridiculous amount
Next is my list of grails all of them are plush and all of them tend to reach up into the hundreds of dollars zone
Arcanine miniGrail
I don't care if he has his tag or not I just want a real one, not one of thoose derpy noseless phonies that keep popping up online
Poochyena Grail
soooo cute again, I don't care if she has her tags or not as long as she isn't dirty
Raichu Grail
And finnalymy number one want is the legendary DX fluffy Raichu the best raichu plush that ever was or ever will be that is all but impossible to track down.
Thanks for taking the time to look through my plie of wanted plushies ^w^ If any of theese pictures are yours (as I did get them of google) and you want me to take them down just let me know and I shall take care of it right away :D

This is a little image heavy
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