scraft_work (scraft_work) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Question/ Wants

I need some help today with a price issue.
I saw this goodie on eBay but don't know if it's worth getting.
It is rather pricey but don't now how much these actually go.

The Azumarill and Ursaring tomy (mc?) figures

I believe this is the package that was sold in multiple retail stores back in 2000 but maybe not.
The seller isn't selling it out of its box which makes the shipping rather high.
Just wondering if 30+ shipping is a fair price on it or if I should just wait.
I do know that these are rare but I don't want to be ripped off again.

Quick Wants:
I am so close to my 151 tomy figure goal but still need 4 more.
- Gastly
- Ditto
- The super rare, Electrode
Plus these ones from other generations
-Cranidos and Rampardos
- Sudowoodo
- Flaaffy
- Forretress
- Clamperl
- Spheal
- Manectric
- Yamask
- And Woobat

Here's a pick on Tangela's road rage to make this post less boring

Look at him go ^_^

Tags: azumarill, tangela, tomy, ursaring
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