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Sales tiimmee

First, a few things:

*All of the stuff from my pickup has been mailed out with the exception of the one late payer, and I should have their package out on Monday, assuming no more typhoons decide to come. :E

*For the time being/until I figure out what's going on, please don't send me any PMs. Right now there is a good chance that I cannot read them. What's been happening a lot of the time for the past month or so is: LJ sends me an e-mail saying *insert user* sent me a PM. I click the e-mail link to go read the PM, and I am taken to my inbox, where there is no message from anyone. If I try just accessing my LJ inbox/messages from the site instead of the e-mail, there's no change. There's no sign that anyone has sent me a message except for the e-mail letting me know someone sent one. I thought at first this was a fluke and LJ had made some kind of mistake when I hadn't actually been sent a message, but this has happened enough times now that it's pretty obvious people actually ARE sending me message. LJ is somehow obliterating them before I can even read them. Please don't send me any PMs right now. :/

Next, time for some sales! I want to buy the new pokemon game but am dirt poor :[

Things to note:

*Sales permission was granted in Jan. 2011 by denkimouse

*All prices are in USD and payments to be made via Paypal.

*All items will be shipped from Japan via standard airmail, generally within a week of receiving payment. Shipping prices depend on the weight of your items and your country of residence, so please don't forget to tell me what country you live in. Due to my low prices, I cannot afford to take financial responsibility for packages that are lost in the mail. I would recommend asking for tracking (4$) for anyone who is really concerned about their package.

*I try to reuse mailing materials/use inexpensive supplies and use cardboard to protect flat items and tags to keep shipping costs low for buyers. If for some reason you are strongly against this, tell me beforehand and I will charge you more for different mailing materials.

*I can hold items for up to 24 hours. Just asking for a shipping quote is NOT a hold.

*Please don't edit your comments, as that makes it really hard to track things.

If you have any other questions or concerns, just leave a comment and ask. On to the items!

Mudkip/type focus clearfiles: 5$ each
Sugimori clearfile set: 30$

Smaller-sized clearfiles: 3$ each
(41-150 sold)

Clearfile sets of 3 (oh god I have to get rid of these before the next lottery, haha): 5$ each (mid sold)
Pikachu clearfiles: 10$ each

Trainer clearfiles: 6$ each (B and C and G and N sold!)

B/W kyuurem double-pocketed folder: 9$ (have 3, l sold 2 pending :O)
B/W kyuurem notebook: 10$ (1 sold, 1 left!)
pizza-la clearfile: 5$ (sold!)
Osaka stationery/memo set: 6.50$

Bulbasaur fuzzy plush: 20$ (sold!)
Keldeo plush: 30$
Woobat: 8.5$ (basically shelf price, he needs to go :P)

Chillarmy strap: 8.00$
Victini/oshawott straps: 9.5$
Post-it notes: 9$
Oshawott pin: 4$
Type focus stickers: 7$

Battle chess game pieces:
Big ones 1.50 each
small ones 1.00 each
specify what color/pokeman, prz
(picture of small one shows back side--magikarp has gyrados on reverse)

stamps: 1$ each
Sold: emonga, choroneko, victini, audino, whimsicott, snivy
Tags: sales
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