Amarokster blog! (placetohide) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Amarokster blog!

Sales tiimmee

First, a few things:

*All of the stuff from my pickup has been mailed out with the exception of the one late payer, and I should have their package out on Monday, assuming no more typhoons decide to come. :E

*For the time being/until I figure out what's going on, please don't send me any PMs. Right now there is a good chance that I cannot read them. What's been happening a lot of the time for the past month or so is: LJ sends me an e-mail saying *insert user* sent me a PM. I click the e-mail link to go read the PM, and I am taken to my inbox, where there is no message from anyone. If I try just accessing my LJ inbox/messages from the site instead of the e-mail, there's no change. There's no sign that anyone has sent me a message except for the e-mail letting me know someone sent one. I thought at first this was a fluke and LJ had made some kind of mistake when I hadn't actually been sent a message, but this has happened enough times now that it's pretty obvious people actually ARE sending me message. LJ is somehow obliterating them before I can even read them. Please don't send me any PMs right now. :/

Next, time for some sales! I want to buy the new pokemon game but am dirt poor :[

Lots of flats/Clearfiles/random leftovers today D:Collapse )
Tags: sales
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