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Gen 5 is in, guys!

Hey everyone! Sorry if my replies have been off or nonexistent this past week, but I was camping with the family and had a graduation party after that. But I'm back now! And with that, on Friday, a few packages had arrived...along with the Gen 5 GB! :D

Okay, everyone! Payment 2 is due! The price is $2.50, except the two people who have inquired about other countries, which will be $3.00. ^^

Here is a size reference, as I'm always getting questions about them...

Here's my usual list...
neeko48 (trio and insect)
meowthcollector (basic)
tomokii (freeze)
parareality (legend)

My sales post is still up!

Also, we still need claims on the Gen 4 gb here! Get your badges now, guys!

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