Dana [AKA Juuchan] (bandanna_boy_17) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Dana [AKA Juuchan]

Epcot Pick-Up || Payment 1 due!

Hey there, PKMN Collectors! What time is it...?

Adventure Time? It's Payment Time!

Anywho, for all those that signed up for my Epcot pick-up run in a couple more weeks, I just wanted you to know a couple of big details about this first payment and the actual pick-up:
  • First off, all orders are final as of midnight, Saturday! No other changes can or will be made! [UPDATE - 6/26/12: The only exception to this rule are for those asking for Cyndaquils that haven't already chosen a backup plush - this currently affects lisul!]  The slot list is here, if you need a reminder!
  • There are no extra fees, as the final price for each plush [$22] covers everything - the item price, PP fees, Florida sales tax and commission. I'll be handling the travel fee to save from asking everyone to pay an extra $2.00 per person to cover it.
  • Payment 1 will be due ASAP, but I'm nice enough to offer a week's time before I close off this first payment window; I hope it's more than enough time!
  • Any payments not made by next Sunday [July 1st] at midnight EST will be dropped from the list and negative feedback will have to be left.
  • I will have my computer with me when I arrive in Florida and Disney, so I'll notify you via PM if your specific pick-up was a success or not both times I check, if need be. I also plan to take pictures, so you'll be able to see your plush before I leave the Florida area.
The payment spreadsheet is done: Here it is! Please tell me if I messed up on anything or if I need to add any details - it's the first time I've used this program for spreadsheets! Make sure to include the following:
  • Send payment to PikachuDAQ@aol.com in USD only. Any other monetary units will not be accepted.
  • The subject should include these - [Epcot Pick-Up - payment 1] and your username - so it'll be easier for me to tell apart from the rest of my mail!
  • Put your username and what you ordered in the note too!
  • Leave a comment here when you've sent your payment; also be sure to tell me where to ship to [zip code if in the US; just the country if non-US] in both the note and in the comment so I can update the spreadsheet and begin calculating ahead of time!
On a related note, I unfortunately didn't get a chance to contact the Japan Pavilion/Mitsukoshi area last week, but I will sometime today, just to be sure that everyone's pokedoll choices are still there. If anything drastic happens, I'll let you know personally!

If I need to add anything, let me know so I can add it! Thanks for reading and have a great week!

- Juuchan [bandanna_boy_17]
Tags: payments, pokedolls
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