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Grail get photo story, plush sale and rare pokedoll auction

here is another addition to my pokedoll collection and a grail and a rare fire type pokedoll auction

Shadow Lugia: Chaos
Cyndaquil: Cinder

Chaos: CHOCOLATE!, Chaos wants crispy Chocolate NOW!

Chaos: Chaos wants crispy cholate goodness NOW!
Natu: GRIMER! why did you eat the scissors again 
Grimer: I didn't eat them
Natu: then why are there scissors sticking out of you
Grimer: ....
Cinder: urgh ugh
Wailord: keep trying 

Chaos: maniacal laughter and slashing
Natu Grimer: bickering
Whiscash thinking to himself: I wonder if there is a chocolate whiscash?....

Cinder & Wailord: groaning
Chaos: sulking chocolate :(...
Everyone else: ???

New arrivals: what's up thanks for freeing us 

Chaos: wallowing in his sorrow 

- Prices are in USD.
- I only accept payment from Paypal at the moment.
- I am not responsible for packages after I have shipped them
- holds only if you are bidding on auction plush and 100% committed to buying the other plush
- payment expected asap within 3 days unless you ask if you can send it in however many days then payment is expected that day or the item is put back up for sale also say when payment is sent
- My feedback
- granted sales permission on 20 DEC 2011 by entirelycliched
- can haggle
- auctions timer here
- no sniping and all other normal auction rules
- Bin is available even after the starting bid
- you can add things from my other sales to your order as well

First up is a rare Magby Pokedoll No tags but appears to be in mint condition otherwise
Starts at 30$ BIN 100

Hasbro Spinda really soft tempted to keep it in Great shape tush tag only
starts at 10$  SOLD
Bin 20$

Large Hasbro Grovyle relativity good shape tush tag only
Starts at 10$
Bin 15

Hasbro corphish really soft and a awesome plush I am only selling it because I have two of him tush tag only
starts at 10$
Bin 15


Snorlax Jacks Great shape really soft and is uncommon tush tag only

Gengar Jacks Mint condition other than the hang tag is bent and a bit beat up 8$ SOLD

Soft Jacks Chatot mint condition other than it's hang tag fell off and disappeared 

Soft Jacks Wobbuffet great shape tush tag only 7$ SOLD

Sneasel Jacks mint condition other than hang tag is a little bent but not creased

Soft Jacks Croagunk great shape tush tag only 6$

Soft Jacks Meowth great shape tush tag only 6$  SOLD

Hasbro Minun really soft mint condition but hang tag is really beat up

soft Jacks Starly great condition tush tag only

Meditite Jacks great shape tush tag only 5$

Hasbro Mewtwo Great condition tush tag only 3$

Hasbro Bulbasaur great condition tush tag only 3$  SOLD

Applause Bulbasaur great condition no tags 

Jacks croagunk great shape tush tag only
4$ 9$ for both croagunks

Jacks Arceus 4$

Hasbro treat keeper meowth 3$

Hasbro treat keeper bulbasaur 3$ SOLD

Jacks turtwig 3$

jacks duskull 5$

Jacks grotel 5$

Jacks Monferno 5$ SOLD

Jacks tentacool 5$

BK Oddish 2$

Hasbro Lotad great condition tush tag only

Hasbro squirtle good condition no tags 3$
Jacks Pachiresu good condition other than having it's tail detached from it's head tush tag only

Jacks plush display box $2.50

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