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Kitty wants YOU!... to buy some magnets

Another Ensky magnet set, another Ensky magnet set without Cottonees, another Ensky magnet set for sale. :'D

Feedback here, I totally didn't abuse the system and add millions of good feedback for myself (no, really, I didn't)
Sales permission grandfathered

- I ship from Australia, shipping starts at around $3 to most places. I generally ship these in the heaviest-weight (120gsm) paper envelopes I could find, I can ship in a bubble envelope but it costs more. (No one has had problems with my paper envelopes so far, and I've been selling Ensky magnets for a while.)
- Offers end whenever I like an offer and you're obliged to pay if you win, otherwise I'll leave neg feedback, no exceptions. Shipping and fees are not an excuse, starting shipping price is clearly stated and you're free to ask for a quote at any time.
- Paypal in USD or Australian bank deposit in AUD, payment is due in 24 hours after I give you a total.
- I won't be responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail, if you'd like to purchase a bubble envelope or tracking or something please let me know.

I have 1 of each of the first four sheets in the second row (#53 monkeys up to #56 birds/pink Frillish). I have 2 of each of the other sheets. I'm going to go with just selling these as sheets this time as I would like to get rid of them pretty quickly (if you want to split up a sheet with someone, you can arrange that with them!). Please make offers on a sheet. The lowest offers I will accept are:

(numbers are from the bottom left hand corners of each sheet)
$10: #49 dragons, #52 electrics
$8: #50 fighters w/ Zoroark, #54 ... knobbly things (w/ krook and toad), #55 birds/blue frillish
$5: #51 fighters w/ firepig, #53 monkeys, #56 birds/pink frillish, #57 genies, #58 psychics, #59 normals, #60 misc w/ zorua

Please make your own threads, and let me know if you have any other questions!

Also I had some people who were interested in some charms a couple of months ago, DON'T WORRY I have not forgotten about you and will get in touch with you soon, I had a particularly horrible semester both on the school and home fronts so I didn't really have time to handle much selling/mailing/etc.
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