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Collection update

I've been a member here only for ~3 weeks but also been buying stuff like crazy, so I already have a reason to make a collection update. There's still quite many lovely items (including another dream plush of mine) on their way to me, so I'll probably make another next month or so. I just wanted to share my happiness with you, because yesterday I got my biggest dream ... well, you have to see under the cut, to see him. I didn't consider it as a grail, since it isn't as much rare as it's expensive. I just hoped one would pop up, before I had burned all my savings here. Luckily, one did.

I collected this box from my post office yesterday by walking through rain and thunder. (= small drizzle and one or two lightning far away. But it sounds much more dramatic this way XD) When I got home, my cute new walky Eevee was immediately inspecting curiously, what had arrived. The box was much bigger than anything it had seen before, so it had to be something interesting!

Let's take a peek inside.

Well, hello there, Umbreon! Nice to meet you! ^_^
But would someone use such a huge box for just one small (HEY! I'm bigger than most of your other figures! .__. ~Umbreon) figure?

Oh, an ear? And it looks quite familiar...

Tadah! MWT 1:1 Eevee! I've seen at least two people getting one of these lately and you may be tired of seeing them already. But this is still big achievement for me. I bought him from cyritic and would like to express my thanks to her once again. I love him to bits! So soft and fluffy and I don't know, how I'm able to let it just sit on my shelf. XD

Anyway, here are my other gets:

First some plushes. I'm not really collecting any of these pokemon, but I like them very much. Tomy Purrloin and Banpresto Mesprit were bought in a convention I visited a couple of weeks ago, rest are from pkmncollectors. And because Mesprit would look lonely without her siblings, I bough Uxie from kingwillko and are on lookout for Azelf. I would also love to buy Canvas lake guardians at some point, since they are my favorite legendary trio. Skitty, Growlithe and Vulpix were just too cute to pass. Then there's a couple new kids. Can you spot my first shiny repaint among them? ^_^

My three side collections. Not much yet, but they're growing steadily. The next collection, which I didn't even plan doing, has grown much more. Well, that's what you get, when you decide to collect something else than your absolute favorite.

Here are all my Eeveelutions, which I have bought from sugar0verd0se, siningmew, H1tchh1ker and karoia. Like I said, Eeveelutions were not meant to be my main or even side collection and still aren't, but Eevee and Umbreon are my favorite pokemon, so I can't just completely ignore them. I'm not going to buy everything available, only the most interesting stuff. ^_^

And another picture of my favorite shiny. Figures are repaints of course. The Kid is actually the same Umbreon, which came with the 1:1 Eevee. I didn't plan buying another Umbreon Kid, but cyritic was kind enough to give me a damaged one. So now it has a shiny new life.

And finally, my main collection:

Here are the first set of tomy repaints of my ingame shinies. Thanks for pokepalace for recommending using tomys! They are nicely detailed, but still quite easy to repaint, although the paint looks actually a bit better in pictures than IRL. Their surface isn't as smooth as it seems, but overall I'm quite satisfied. And I'm still learning, so hopefully I'm getting better with each figure.
The Uxie here isn't a tomy, like I thought it would be. But it was so dirty, I decided to paint it anyway. I'll probably sell it some day, if I'll get the right figure.

Speaking of which, I would like to post a little want: I'm interested in tomy figures of pokemon in the following pictures. Obviously it doesn't matter, how damaged their paint is, and I'll actually rather use played figures, because they are already ”disqualified” as collectibles and usually cheaper. I would love to buy as many from the same seller as possible to save in shipping, although I'm not really swimming in money at the moment. ^^' I'm also waiting some figures to arrive or bidding them in a GA, so some of these are already off the list. But I would still like to hear, if you have one or two up for sale. :)

Shinies 1
Shinies 2

And for last I have a question: How many official shiny Kids there is? I'm not really dreaming collecting them anymore (they are way too expensive for me to actually collect), but I'm curious. Here's all I've seen: Absol, Beautifly, Blastoise, Blaziken, Bulbasaur, Buneary, Cacnea, Charmander, Charmeleon, Combusken, Corpish, Croagunk, Dustox, Electivire, Empoleon, Flygon, Glaceon, Infernape, Latias, Latios, Leafeon, Lotad, Magmortar, Marshtomp, Minun, Mudkip, Pachirisu, Piplup, Plusle, Rayquaza, Roselia, Salamence, Sceptile, Snorunt, Swampert, Taillow, Torchic (2), Torterra, Turtwig, Venusaur, Wailord and Wartortle. Is there a full list (preferably with pictures) of shiny kids somewhere? I would love to see it, if there is.

Got the list and also a permission to act as news anchor. :D So here we go!
Bandai has announced three new shiny Kids!
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