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New to collecting.

Hey guys, I'm Nigel (not my real name lol), a brand new member to this LiveJournal page. Some of you guys might know me as a Moderator on the forums.

I'm brand new to collecting and I only have 20-ish plushies. I'd say that so far, my 'rarest' plushies are an Oshawott and Snivy from the Black and White Mall Tour and a Banpresto UFO Catcher Oshawott.

In the TCG on the other hand, I have completed many sets in both English and Japanese. I've also obtained lots of success at tournaments all over. I'm leaving for the National Championships tonight, and after I sell a few Darkrai-EXs and Tornadus-EXs, I hope that I can buy quite a few of my plushie wants here.

Before I write anything else here, I think it would be best to post my wants. Please note though, that I'm willing to buy lots of plush as long as I can get them cheaply. I need an 'actual collection' before I can post any pictures of it. :]

This is the Banpresto UFO Catcher DX Floatzel. It happens to be my grail want, and I'm hoping to get it for a good price.

This is the Pokemon Time Campaign #3 giant Wailord plush. I've been looking for this one for a cheap price, which is pretty unlikely since the lowest I've seen is $99.

Stunfisk Campaign Pokemon Center Mat. These are also usually very expensive, and I'm also looking for a good price.

NEXT WANT: Floatzel Pokemon Kid. Show me an image of it first, I can't find one. XP

NEXT WANT: Marstomp DX UFO Plush. Can't find one of these, either. ^_^

Let me know what else you have, and I'll see what I'm interested in. :]
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