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Collection update/Want list/hope for colorado! *picture heavy!*

Hey there everyone. so saddly the house situation didn't work out so were still stuck in this annoyingly small apartment :(  So i reorganized all of our stuff, some things like the cards and such don't have places yet, but money is tight because of the fire in colorado.  A lot of my friends and family are affected by these fires and It might make many homeless.  So please think of all of us in colorado for a while, and on Tursday were doing a "vibe" "prayer" thing at 6:30pm.  To help mothernature make it rain.  thoughts from all over can converge!  Makes me wish pokemon were real, and we could use waterpoke's to put these fires out!

"Mew_luvs_Mewtwo used RAINDANCE"

now on to some want's lists. (only trading right now)  Willing to trade kids/other tomy's for these!

Want List!:::TOMYS::: not in any order, and since I have a ton of extra kids/tomys I would really love to trade! :D  I want them in good condition, no broken pieces and not to much suffs/marks/fading.  :D
Charmander, Caterpie with stand, Spearow and Fearow
, nindoqueen, nidoran boy, nidorinio,
vulpix, ninetails
zubat Golbat
Growlithe Arcanine
Abra Kadabra
Graveler, Golem
Ponyta, Rapidash
Magnemite, Magneton
Grimer, Muk
Gastly, Haunter, Gengar
Voltorb, Electrode
Rhyhorn, Rhydon
Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon

We've gotten so much since febuary that it's insain, my little collection I had for years grew and grew and grew, and even with all my stuffing and organizing and srunching and shelves I still need more places to store things and display things, so today we are going to find more small shelving for my figures, hopefully a good bookcase for plushies and my son's ever larger Toy collection, he's not bias he loves all things :D  but were doing it by looking in thrift stores! there is a bookcase at the closest goodwill that would be perfect in the "dining" room area of the house and it even has a tiny desk like area for my son but none of our vehicals could hold it :( it's too solid! but if they have it this weekend my dad can bring his truck to help us out! :D if the fire doesn't jump the interstate in Colorado Springs :(

So with out further adue I bring you my new collection organiztion, Very picture heavy,  I also have a link to my sales which HAVE BEEN UPDATED!  And my very first  ever photo-story!  i got a huge box last week from spideyroxas We  thought it was going to take an hour or so to go threw, it took 4! :/  then we had to pick what we wanted to keep and what we wanted to sell, because we just don't have space for kids we don't collect or extra tomys :D
I'll do a sale post tomorrow, and an auction, where 25% of the proceeds will go to help the family's and firefighters in colorado! So keep an eye out! 
Also check out what I do have for sale in my perminite sales post:

The pics!
gThe big Wall!  trying to show off everything but a few things still have to hold up other things!

The smaller wall! and now the couch.  I put those plushies back in a box after the picture I don't want my son to get them

I keep the marbles, the stickers, and any non card flats in this cute little box, and the only zukans that I have :D >> ignore the nail
clippers, they seem to have wormed there way there while trying to keep them out of little baby hands!

Some large figures :D

Large plushies over the tv, because they have no where else to go? Will you give them a home?  *the ho-oh is a bootie the other two are legit*

My legentary birds/dogs and a playset which is complete! :D oh and the skyrim dragon :D he's the ruler of all! :D

This here is my pichu's! balloon pika is hiding behind my only two cindies :D I luff pichu, more than pikachu, but you'll see in the
next picture, pikachu has to be my biggest collection! :D

SO MANY PIKACHU"S!  >> and I didn't ever like pikachu :P and there is a pachirisu hiding too!  Also for some reason I have 3 large creepachu's, which are hiding, they are the ones by toy factory :/ they just stare at you :(

Here we have my pokedolls, in no order, just enough to stay up, my favorite plush of all, mudkip canvas, and most of my kids <3 aren't they awesomely cute :D this is by far my favorite shelf to stare at :D those eyes! <3

Here we have some hanging keychain plushies, my eeveelution collection, mini fire dogs/foxes, and the electric figures! :D <3 luff my pichu bank! <3

upclose of my lovely little electric figures ,3 they are so damn cute! ,3

My tomy collection along with some other random things infront! :D  I tried to leave space for some missing items, found a sandshrew stashed somewhere later, but i have so many I didn't have enough room :D the little shelf are actually utensil drawer inserts! :D  Theyare the perfect width and hight! :D  Just incase you guys were wondering! :D

Carizard hasbro plushies one is a candy treat holder! and the next tomy's :D if you noticed they are in order,  just ran out of room! :D

tomys other than the orginal 150, only really like marreep and slowking the rest meh might sell them :D

Brock/people collection, also some buildings, and my meowth and bulba bank! :D

More kids, my doll, some other random figures and my large charizards! :D <3

Pokepark map, ghosty collection, snorlax/munchlax collection, and other random things my hubby likes :D this is his shelf!

Mew/mewtwo/lucario/jirachi and celebi collections, mew and mewtwo are delebriate collections, the others seemed to just happen >> :D

better look at the celebi's and the next self that's jam packed! :D

smaller collections that just happend, and some old school favorite plush! :D

Couch lovies that are not in a box :D till i get a shelf and take down my zack wallscroll! :D

here is my trading figure collection *besides the main collection stuff i have :D  And all my keychains which you can't see because there are way to many. *all key chains will be put up for action, they are as good as not loved right now, you can't see them properly and I will not use them :/ so meh :D an dmy large pokeball <3

Well that's it! :o few. Tomorrow or Friday I'll have an auction/sale/link to mew and ash welcoming the big box, if i have time that is! :O As a last thought please pray hope wish whatever it is you do to make the weather bring along some rain to save colorado <3  Heck wish that pokemon would appear to help! :D <3 And thank you for taking your time to see my collection. and also thanks to all that have helped it grow so large! :D
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