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Questions, a few wants, and an itty bitty collection update

Yep, all in the title.

I'm going to be traveling up to San Diego in two weeks for SDCC, and I want to know if anyone here knows of good shops around there or LA that carry legitimate Pokemerch. ^_^

More detail and pictures under the cut!

My other question is about a mew plush. More specifically, one made of taffeta.

I apologize for not having an actual picture of the item. ^_^; That's mainly because I haven't found this anywhere! I had this Mew when I was a kid. She came with a large plastic pokeball that you could put her in, and was in a cardboard display (like the '98 Pikachu plush). She had her eyes and paw pads printed onto the fabric (though I saw one with plastic eyes and no paw pads, but maybe that's the one I'm looking for?). If anyone here knows what I'm babbling about and could point me in the right direction to find one, I would love that!

I'm also looking to buy some eeveelution kids after SDCC. Mainly Vaporeon and Leafeon, or really, whichever of the eeveelutions are relatively cheap. >3<

Now, itty-bitty collection update!

I got this in the mail last week. This is yet another toy I had when I was a kid! My mom used to travel to conventions a lot, and a result was that she brought me back a bunch of cool merchandise I would never find in Texas. ^w^ I loved winding up the pokeball and watching Mew and Eevee dance. It's noisy as all get out though! (But I love that too)
Plus, it's got two of my favorite Pokemon in one toy! how awesome is that?

Here it is in it's awkward placement along with PB and my (mostly knockoff) eeveelutions.

Here's Showers in her new home alongside LS Flareon and the Kanto starters. <3

Pikachu was subsequently moved to be with my other plush who sit next to me at night.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!
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