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Just joined... and bootleg pokedoll help????

Hey everyone ^^ I just joined this wonderful community and I have already been buying =D I need more money for all you lovely folks! On a different note, I was wanting to collect the Eevee and Eevee evolution Pokedolls, but I am not sure where I can get legitimate dolls for a good price, help? I bought some cheapo dolls that I knew were fake, not caring at the time, but now I want to be a more serious collector! My siblings would love the booties I currently have. I do not currently have money to buy Pokedolls, but I would like to have something bookmarked for when I do.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I would prefer something that is not an auction, that way I can buy at my leisure instead of being rushed to do so (especially considering my lack of wallet stuffing).

=) Thank you all for your wonderful comments! I have gotten some very good referrals about where and how to buy pokedolls and how to not get booties!

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