"Kaela" (pokabubu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Driving Buddies + Collection Pics + Wants!

Hello community folk!
I was wondering if anybody else drives with pokemon collectibles in their car. I would be very interested to see your Pokemon Driving Buddies! And you don't need to have a car, show me your bike buddies, backpacking buddies, bus buddies ect. :)

I personally have limited myself to 3, because my car was starting to have more plush than my room. People often comment on the Charmander when I go through drive thrus.

So its been a busy last couple of weeks, but I managed to find time organize my collection. I also got new shelves! Yay! So here are some pics.

I am mainly a card collector but really want to have some side collections for plush, figures, ect. Charmander ismy all time favorite, but I decided that my Charmander pillow plush was the only Char I'll ever need.  So I am going to attempt to only collect Pikachu, Tepig, and Chatot..... and other stuff that is just so darn cute that I can't help myself!! x3

Pikachu is my second favorite, and I cannot help how much I adore his merchandise. Plus it can never be complete so cheers to endless pokemon collecting! Thanks to the community, I have a pretty good start n my collection. I just got the Bow Tie Pikas and Cuddling Pikachus this week!

My small Chatot Collection (and a random charmander). I started this collection because I couldn't resist the Chatot Pokedoll's eyes.

How could I possibly have resisted that face!

Finally Tepig! Whom I only have 1 item of... sad. I won't even bother uploading a picture.
Finally, here are my current 2 wants. Please please sell them to me! Tags are preferred ^_^
My TCG wants will be posted soon. I am collecting all the english sets. So if you have your duplicates organized by sets and are ready to sell them, please let me know and I will remember to send you my spreadsheet want lists (when I complete them), Thanks for reading! <3
Tags: chatot, mudkip, pikachu, slowpoke, squirtle, tepig, treecko
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