Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

Growly's Wants!

Collecting's been a little boring for me lately, because I have obtained so few new items! And most of those were flats. ^_^; I'd love it if you guys could help me with my biggest, burning wants. You know I'm willing to pay well for this stuff.

This 3$@$*#%) magnet!! I've seen all the other sets over and over again on eBay, but not this one! Were it not for this photo I have, I would have thought I only imagined it existed. Willing to pay a silly amount of money for it because it's been eluding my grasp for so very long.

One day I will have all the 1998 Christmas Growlithe and Arcanines!! Help me reach my goal! It'll be well worth your while. ;)

Same with Pokemon Christmas 2005- I missed out on a plate last year, never seen it before or since. I am looking for all the pieces to the promotion. Some of my favorite art ever, makes me smile.

I surely must be close to finishing this 2001 Pokemon Center promotion! I keep finding new items out of the woodwork. xD If you can find me items from this promotion I don't have and/or a checklist, I will love you forever.

A different Arcanine settei than the one I usually run into.

I owned this shirt as a kid... WRY DID I LET MY MOM THROW IT AWAY *melodramatic crying*
Doesn't need to be any kind of wearable size, but if it is, bonus points!

Radical grey shirt I must own. Any size is fine.

This Diamond and Pearl era plastic cup is really gorgeous! Me wants!

So unique and cool! This clearfile is really rare, I understand I'll have to pay a lot for it.

Lovely Arcanine deckbox and mini binder from around Firered and Leafgreen's release.

Supah rare red base Arcanine and Growlithe 151 stampers.

A really interesting binder and sticker sheet with what appears to be unique Growlithe art! So cool!

More unique art, this time on a card. Waaaant. :D

It seems highly unlikely to find one of these that isn't torn up to hell and back, but it looks like it's from around 2005... crazier things have happened.

Due to my wacky Mirinda bottlecap misadventures (I'll have to tell you about it sometime), I know now these are from Thailand. I finally have the metal caps, but these plastic caps elude me still.

Whatever this book is, it's adorable and has a Growlithe in it. ✪ v ✪

Surprise Growlithe cameo in the Rock type Evolvers flip book thing! Gotta have it now.

Some kind of sturdy looking cardboard box from the Pokemon Center. Groudy is another favorite of mine, so it's doubly cool.

Some boring-ish flats, gotta have them since I'm a completionist collector. x3

And here are my biggest wants that aren't Growlithe/Arcanine related!

So... I guess I am now officially looking for these two. *gulp* Entei is my #1 want of these, which is great because he seems to be the least popular of the trio. I understand how high prices on these can go... I have a price limit in my head, but I don't really want to say... the chances of anyone wanting to sell theirs to me through a straight sale is pretty much impossible anyway. ^_^;

I really really want this giant Lucario too. I totally missed my chance when one appeared on the comm for cheap a few years back. Still kicking myself over that, but oh well. Um, I don't quite know what my spending limit is on this one either. If you want to sell yours, tell me sort of ballpark what you were hoping to get.

These are pretty much impossible to obtain as well... I can't imagine how crazy the padding would have to be to ship glasses from Japan to the USA, and I'm sure everyone that has these wants to keep them. But I can dream! They are so classy.

So yeah, if you have any of these items, hit me up! I can offer payment with Paypal and/or trades for my custom work. My examples are at my DA:

The rest of my wishlist is more minor (willing to wait for the right deal) and can be found here:

Thank you for looking!
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