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Promise to come back + small sales

I've been away (but always lurking) for a long time because i've been lacking paypal balance, then my father's credit card can't make purchases in USD because the government doesn't want us to import stuff, then my commissions overwhelmed me a bit and I got off track. Everything's fine now, and though i still can't buy stuff, my commission waitlist is moving. (updates are regularly made on my furaffinity journal! same username)

I promise i'll be back by October for my second anniversary!

I think this is the first time i do actual "sales" here xD I've done auctions and sold commissions before, so weird!
If you're weary, feel free to check my feedback:

(link to older feedback with link to even older feedback available there)

Well, I guess you'll first want to see these two i need to get rid of:

Yup! Two custom pretty-much-1:1-scale Joltiks by me!
(my ancient iPhone hates yellow, it seems, IRL they're an electrifyingly shocking yellow)

Obligatory shot to show i remembered their bellies are brown!

And butts, i know this comm loves butts and i have to cater :'D

SO. Business time:

These two are $40 SHIPPED EACH. International, flat rate to anywhere (:
USD, of course.
They're not that heavy, but I NEED them to be registered (aka tracked) with all the potential customs problems still lingering here.
They're a little bigger than lifesize, inspired in pictures of the Halloween keychain and sprites and standard art of the pokémon.
Made of longer pile velboa (is that the name of the fabric that is like minky but feels slightly... 'cheaper'?) with felt feet, felt eyes (with painted on details) and 'aloba' bellies. The legs and closures were hand stitched. IF YOU NOTICE SOMTHING OFF IN THE PLUSH BEFORE PURCHASING, LET ME KNOW. There always can be something I slipped, though they'll be revised thoroughly before leaving my home.

I ship from Argentina, internationally, safely, etc. c:

And this:

They're 56 beautiful postcards from 1999. I believe they were South America (if not Argentina) exclusives. You bought a pack of three and completed (or not) an album. Some of them depict gym leaders' teams (here you have Giovanni's, Misty's, Lt. Surge's...), some random pokémon by type, some show evolutionary lines or characters. I was looking for $100 for the complete lot. Last time i sold some these they easily sold for around $5 each so you could get them for reselling or something, as you'd be paying less than $2 for each, if my maths aren't failing.
Size is around 10x15cm
MOST OF THEM are in mint condition. Keep in mind some may be slightly yellowed with age, a couple of them have been played with. If you're concerned about one in particular (i'll update with a better picture tomorrow, i'm just measuring potential interest), feel free to ask for a better pic of it!

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