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Some questions and a Get Post!

So I've been window shopping on ebay and I came across this:

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I'd love to own it someday but it's really pricey.. over 30 bucks. I do want it NIP though. Anyone have any idea of someone who sells these? I've googled but have come up pretty empty handed. I'm looking for that particular one but am interested in any from that series!

Also, I recently snagged a Pikachu figure with a marble NIP from ebay for two bucks! It was from the battle frontier series and came with the most adorable little marble of Pikachu! I'd love to track down more of those single packs too if anyone has any idea of where to find them! Or if anyone is selling any or plans to sell them someday ;) (i'm broke for the rest of June but my first check of July should be spend worthy)

And of course.. my get!

I have been pretty obsessed with the lake Trio as of late and finally got my first merch of them! A Mesprit plush, Jakks pacific. I absolutely adore it! Here's my small pic spam of her!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I still want Uxie and Azelf but just haven't found them for a good price yet =/

If anyone knows about those figures or where I can track them down please let me know! :) I'm really interested in collecting NIP older figures from Johto - Battle Frontier!

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