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Summer Sales & Auctions! Part 1: Plush~

Hi everyone. It's sales time! I gotta earn some money before my vacation to Taiwan so I can spend more money! Really sorry about the instagram photos.. it's a much faster way to upload & resize them. :p

#I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on December 20th, 2011.
#I ship everyday except for Sundays from the Bay Area, California.
#I accept Paypal, eChecks, & Money Orders.
#All orders over $15 will require delivery confirmation only if you are in the US. I am not responsible for items once they are posted. Please inquire if you want to buy insurance!
#USPS cannot add tracking # or insurance to international orders unless a it was upgraded to priority, which is extremely pricey. For this reason, all non-US orders will be shipped first-class unless you're willing to pay to upgrade to priority.
#I reuse my envelopes & boxes. Sorry if you hate recycling!
#Orders over $75 will be allowed for a payment plan.
#If an item is inquired, I will only hold it for 18 hours after a quote is given. However, if you do need an extension, you must be committed or a negative feedback will be left.
#I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone.
#You can see my feedback here.

Pokemon Center Groundon Pillow -- $10 (tush tag)
UFO Darumaka -- $10 (tush tag)
UFO Zorua -- $14 (both tags)
UFO Zoroark -- $16 (both tags)
UFO Victini -- $8 (tush tag)
Jakks Cyndaquil -- $10 (tush tag)
Hasbro Cyndaquil -- $6 (tush tag)
MPC Eelektrik -- $5 (tush tag)
***Purchase both Zorua & Zoroark for $30 shipped! US Only!
***Purchase both Cyndaquils for $16 shipped! US Only!

UFO Gizamimi Pichu -- SOLD
Tomy Pichu -- $4 (tush tag)
Ty Pikachu Beanie -- SOLD
UFO Jirachi Puppet -- $7 (tush tag)
Tomy Jirachi -- $14 (tush tag)
UFO Halloween Umbreon -- $25 (both tags)
Booty Naked Umbreon -- $10 (no tags)
***Purchase both Jirachis for $21 shipped! US only!
***Purchase both Umbreons for $35 shipped! US only!

Hasbro Psyduck -- $8 (tush tag, left)
Hasbro Psyduck -- $6 (tush tag, right)
Hasbro Staryu -- $12 (tush tag)
Walky Chimchar -- $15 (tush tag, all charms intact)
Velboa Noctowl Pokedoll -- SOLD
Velboa Bonsly Pokedoll -- $11 (tush tag)
Reject Audino -- $11 (tush tag, from christmas train set)
UFO Lickilicky -- $6 (tush tag, dirty)
Tomy Eevee Beanie -- SOLD
Velboa Eevee Pokedoll -- $20 (tush tag, 2007)

UFO Piplup -- $7 (both tags)
Tomy Pachirisu -- $6 (tush tag, dirty)
Booty Latios Pokedoll -- $4 (both tags)
Reject Cubchoo -- $11 (tush tag, from the christmas train set)
UFO Manaphy -- $4 (tush tag)
UFO Roserade -- $15 (both tags)
Bandai Wartortle Friends -- $8 (tush tag)
Tomy Animatronic Celebi -- $20 (tush tag)
UFO Ivysaur -- $15 (both tags, hand tag has creases)
Velboa Bulbasaur Pokedoll -- $21 (no tag, pilled fleece)
MPC Tympole -- $14 (both tags)

god damn cyndaquil hell yeah baby gurl lemme smack dat booty

These Pokedolls (except for Vaporeon) are pre-production samples! They're not bootlegs but they were sewn with Banpresto tush tags so makers know where to sew them on the assembly line!
Wobbuffet's tush tag is cut off & he's for straight sale $15.

Absol Pokedoll starts at $15.
Corsola Pokedoll starts at $15.
Cyndaquil Pokedoll starts at $10.
Factory Reject Minky Vaporeon starts at $10.

Remember that all community rules apply!
If you decide to bid in the last 5 minute, the auction will be extended for another 5 minutes starting from the time of your last bid & until a full 5 minutes has passed without any new bids.

That's all for this week folks! Thanks for looking. ^^
Tags: absol, auction, audino, bonsly, bulbasaur, celebi, chimchar, corsola, cubchoo, cyndaquil, darumaka, eelektrik, eevee, gizamimi pichu, groudon, ivysaur, jirachi, latios, lickilicky, manaphy, noctowl, pachirisu, pichu, pikachu, piplup, psyduck, roserade, sales, staryu, tympole, umbreon, vaporeon, victini, wobbuffet, zoroark, zorua
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