togekizz (togekizz) wrote in pkmncollectors,

(First Post xD) Buying a Pokemon Center Togekiss Pokedoll.

Hi, I'm new here (So I might not know much nice to be part of the Community) Anyhoo, I've been searching for a Pokemon Center Togekiss Pokedoll on eBay/Amazon (FYI I live in Australia so it's kinda hard for me) for about 3 Months now.. I can't seem to find any >;( I am currently building a Togellection so I'm trying to buy all the Rare ones first since they are the hardest. The next one on my list is a Pokemon Center Togekiss Pokedoll just wondering if you Peeps could help xD.

Edit: To be more specific I added (Pokemon Center Togekiss Pokedoll) Not the Banpresto one...
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