Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tiny help! + Another Auctions and Sales!

Hello there! =D
First, the Nasija GA 3 is already on it's way to me! It should arrive to me Monday or Tuesday I believe, since European postage is pretty fast. As the other GA with plushies go, I have sent out 50% of the packages, and I will be sendin out the rest this week still!

Second, I got a beautiful box from Noppin today, and I have an item I need help with please!

Beautiful bag ahead!Collapse )

Now to another offers and new sales (last one for a while I believe)! I have gotten some nice and new big glow in dark Ensky magnets with the new Kyurems, some muskedeers, Audino and so on, otherwise, I still have some Retsuden stamps and other nice stuff that I have also lowered prices on! I am also putting up these cute plush dices and a grabby Mudkip up for offers!

Please take the time to read the rules before you decide to buy something!

Cut to rules, offers and sales!Collapse )

Thank you! =D

Tags: cards, cobalion, ensky, keldeo, lucario, meowth, mienshao, pikachu, sales, stunfisk, terrakion, virizion, zekrom
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