DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Kids GA Payment 2

Sorry it took so long guys! D: I got busy all of a sudden after my last post -_-" Anyways, thank you Snow_Kitty for your generous offer! You are too sweet! (As I did use it to replace a kid)<3 Payments to For others I took off the $2 from shipping because you didn't comment on the last post so again those missing kids:
Noraluvr: Poochyena
Snow_Kitty: Raichu 1 (if you prefer to send only .90 US/ 2.00 NON US please feel free to do so I'm leaving it up to you!)
Airinkitty: Nidoran Male

Anyways the second payment info is HERE please include a NOTE and make the title "USERNAME-Kid GA" then in the note please include: Username and what you won!

PLEASE comment once you've paid and everything will be Shipped out 29 June 2012, Friday (tomorrow) thanks!

Also a shoutout to ALLAMPHAROS I haven't really heard from you but your zukan was shipped!
Tags: group auction, payments
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