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Exciting Gets and 'American' Squirtle Pokedoll

Hello everyone! I hope you're enjoying your summer vacations! This has been one of my most exciting updates in a while, since I was anticipating for things to arrive in the mail this week <3 I now own 108 Pokedolls and expecting the 109th to be here by the end of the month! So in the meantime these are my recent gets!

First will be my Wailord pokedoll, that a have obtained in a trade from shadowlover245 on DeviantArt! <3 I've eyed the Wailord pokedoll for a long time, but I was deterred by its expensive price x_X shadowlover245 was looking for trades at the time so I offered a couple of things she was looking for. FIRST YET BEST TRADE EVER <333 I was so excited when he arrived yesterday!

At this angle, he looks like one of the singing pills from that ol PSA XD "we're not candy" no no!"


Gah so cute ;O; thank you so much shadowlover245! He's a wonderful addition to the collection <333 SO CUTE! WHAAAALE ;O;

Next would be Sceptile pokedoll from killmeneko's auction! So detailed for a little guy. I love those little details on his back, tail, and widdle arms <3

Next to Herbie the Swampert! All I need left is Blaziken, and I'm all set!

Mantyke pokedoll from sorjei and Celebi pokedoll from ebay. Celebi would have to be my cheapest pokedoll purchase ever made: $0.99. Of course Celebi was labelled 'Waku Waku" in the listing (lol whut?) Mantyke has a face on her back <3 she's like a butterfly... kinda... sorta...

Oversized/XD Groudon Pokedoll. I named him Goliath XD Grumpy lobsters are side by side in this. So cutes <3

It's amazing how a size difference can enhance small details.

MPC Garbodor from shiningmew's group buy ;O; i got so excited when he arrived! He looks like an ovrsized plump dumpling!

I love his back however. A double-tailed garbage rat.

Bidoof Zukan from hebilea's auction. I feel like I have to superglu them so i don't lose the pieces ;_;


My pokemons from MickeyD's XP My neightbor buys happy meals for her husband who likes to eat short meals at night, but she gives me the toys. <3 I got Scraggy, Purrloin, Drilbur, and Dwebble cards with them.

Oh btw did I show you my new sheleves for the figures? <3 (Ignore the Jawbreaker) The shelf is awesome, but the odor on it is terrible >_<

Recent volume of the B&W manga from my boyfriend <3

LOL dramatic zoom in. Elgyem kid is from heatrotomftw97 and now my elgyem evo line is complete!

Not the same with the MPC though. I'm still wanting/anticipating Beheeyem's MPC release. I wish the alien's line had more merch like this oher then flats. :(

and lastly will be the mysterious american Squirtle Pokedoll. He's in the middle compaired with my plushplush and mini pokedoll. Do I have a teenage mutant ninja turtle wannabe in my hands?

Backside comparision, and here's the rest of his shots:

Front and back are made of Minky.

The tags look legit and have a UPC code.

Tush tags look legit as well. I found this guy on ebay, and I was aware of his "mysterious" status. I purchased him out of curiousity.

His tail was never attached. Has anybody else who purchased this guy have the tail attached or disattched?

Thanks for reading this collection update, and here's a want:


I lost this Shimmery/Shiny Oversized/DX Pikadoll in the mail ;_; I got a refund, but now I'm determined to look for him. I doubt that I'll find one again in the price range I purchased him for, so I was wondering what is his average price range, and if anybody had one for sale. Thank you <3

Purchased! THANK YOU! <3

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