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Incoming Newbiee! =)

Hi there PKMNCollectors!

I'm Kyra (actually, my name is Cristina, but I don't like it >.< so I prefer to be called either Kyra or Midnight, which are both my usual nicknames). I'm a Law student and on my last year, and even though I have been a Pokemon fan and collector for some time, it is only recently that I thought of sharing my hobby openly with other people. In fact, I joined because of my sister =P I only browsed anonimously up until now...

I'm from Spain, and still live there for now.

Along with the many other animes and mangas I liked since I was little, one of my most loved ones was (and still is) Pokemon. When I got my first Pokemon game (Pokemon Red Verdion) I barely knew what it was about, since here in Spain it was poorly advertised, and the series were not too popular yet. However, I still loved every second of it. My first favourite Pokemon was, of course, Charizard, and even though I have other favourites now, she (yes, my dear Charizard is a she) still has a reserved special spot in my heart.

At first I wasn't much of a collector (well, I did collect stickers and erasers of all kinds), but with time, I came across other things I loved and wanted to collect, like plushes. The main focus of my Pokemon collection is plushes, be it Pokedolls or Canvas Plushes, but I also collect charms and figures. However, I only collect stuff about Pokemon I truly love (I'm not saying the rest aren't good, it's just I prefer to focus on what I like MOST... after all, I'm not that rich and I'd rather save up for special stuff xD

About the stuff I do collect, I'm more interested in Japanese goodies than anything else, especially in the plushes' case. Also, I'm pretty picky about the condition of everything I get; I usually go for mint condition, and only sometimes near mint stuff.

I have been collecting a bit more actively lately, especially since the remake of one of my favourite Pokemon games; Pokemon Soulsilver (and I've got to say they did a really good job with it). Black and White were also great, but now I'm eagerly waiting for Black and White 2 to be released in Europe (I have been able to play a bit of the Japanese version, but I understand so little... xD).

So, as I said, my Pokemon collection focuses mainly on plushes, and sometimes charms and figures. I don't have too much space either, so I have to be a bit selective.

About the specific Pokemon I collect, my all-time favourite is Lucario, along with Riolu, followed closely by Mewtwo, the Eeveelutions and Shaymin (both forms). Other favourites are Zekrom and Reshiram, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, Lugia, the Zorua/Zoroark duo, the Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu trio, Kyogre, and some random others I find especially cute. As I said, Charizard is a special favourite of mine as well, but sadly I don't have but a Pokedoll (which is the cutest thing ever <3).

Here is my collection =)





Free spot next to Growlithe is for incoming Vulpix Canvas! =D




My little dearie is usually on my nightstand =3

Space between them is for incoming Jolteon Canvas! Yay! =D


Not including the stuff I have on its way, I do (as any collector) have a little wish/want list of my own:

Shaymin Pokedolls, both Land and Sky forms [MWT]
Shadow Lugia Pokedoll [Japanese and MWT] (I've never been able to tell if they're bootlegs or not when looking around for one)
2010 Jirachi Canvas Plush [MWT]
2005 Banpresto Charizard Plush

2008 Shaymin Land Form Tomy 2" Monster Collection Plastic Figure MC-77
2008 Shaymin Sky Battle Scene Tomy 2" Monster Collection Plastic Figure
Poseable Tomy Zekrom and Reshiram figures

Also, more generally, I'm interested in any Lucario merch, and also any Mewtwo merch. Not absolutely everything, since as I said I must be a bit selective, but I'm interested in knowing anyway =)

I'm also interested in customs, since many Pokemon have so little merch avaiable (like Mewtwo... all I've seen are some pretty old dolls or plushes). It's one of the reasons I plan on sculpting one as a project (I like sculpting, though only very very recently have I started trying to sculpt Pokemon =P)

Anyway, thanks for reading this awfully long bunch of text (hope I haven't been too boring XD), and I hope to make lots of PkmnCollectors friends around here! Later! =D
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