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Offers on various items

Hey guys. I decided that, maybe it would be best to weed some of my starters and legendaries. It'll be hard to let go of them, but I need room (and money!) for Reshiram. So I'll put up a list of things here, and see if anyone would like to make offers, though I may not sell if I don't feel it's the right price.

EDIT: I am adding pictures of some items and lots now. Please, just let me know what you want and what you offer. I hate to see these things go, but they need to.

So, here we go...
Squirtle candy dispenser (good condition, 'picks up' candy tablets, very cute) I dunno, around $10?
Blastoise TOMY around $8
Talking Prinplup plush around $10 (higher shipping)
Silver Typhlosion Hasbro (action figure, big) around $12
Chikorita Line TOMYs around $15 shipped for the set
Blaziken Action Figure (big, lights up and talks) around $9
Pignite McD figure $5 shipped
Cyndaquil ThinkChip around $7
Cyndaquil V-Trainer around $5
Silver Blaziken Hasbro around $6
D/P starters DS pouch $6.50 shipped

Giratina silver chou around $5
Groudon Hasbro around $9
Kyogre Hasbro around $8
Silver Groudon Hasbro around $10
Silver Kyogre Hasbro around $10
Rayquaza Hasbro around $9
Silver Rayquaza Hasbro around $10
Kyogre TFG around $6
Victini Bottlecap (choose black/white base) $7.50 shipped
Latias and Latios Jakks around $6 each or both for $18 shipped
Zorua Jakks $7.50 shipped
Zoroark McD figure $5 shipped
HUGE DX Darkrai Jakks around $20 shipped

Various TOMYs and things
Houndoom TOMY (good condition) around $10
Salamence Hasbro Action Figure around $10
Lapras Roller Stamp nothing below $10, preferred around $20(would easily do 18 shipped)
Vaporeon TOMY $10 shipped
Eevee TOMY around $10?
BROCK TOMY! around $20, slightly play-worn
UMBREON JAKKS! very reluctant, around $40 edit: picture under cut
Slowking TOMY around $7
Adding a cut here. I am selling off my Water collection, as well as my Starters and an UMBREON JAKKS.

Sales permission granted by dakajojo in March 2011.
I ship on weekends usually, but as school is out now it just depends on work and where I am that week.
Shipping is usually $2.50 to the US for smaller/flat items, but inquire for anything larger or outside the US.
I will accept partial trade or full trade, of course.
Make offers as you wish.

Sorry about the white's obscuring my Venu-line stuff, which isn't for sale anyway...If you see anything you like, let me know and I'll give you a price or we can talk trades.

Same as above.

As mentioned above, I want around $40 (or worth that amount in trade) for this figure. Please make an offer if this is unreasonable.

Under the cut is a list of things I'd accept in trades, since I'd just go buy them after this anyway...Please check it out, it's a big list so someone here must have something...

Reshiram Normal Zukan
Reshiram Sukui Doll
Reshiram Overdrive Kid
ANY White Kyurem things
ANY Reshiram Plush (especially MPC)

Pikachu Bottlecap (Japanese with a SOLID yellow and white bolt- last one I need!)
Lugia Bottlecap
Zekrom Bottlecap
Lucario Bottlecap
Swellow Bottlecap

ANY Pikachu plush, just tell me what it is and I'll see if I have it
Pikachu Megablok
DX Pikachu Pokedoll (will trade multiple things, just PLEASE)
Pikachu ANYTHING, just let me know and I'll see if I have it!

Raikou Kid Figure
Raikou Normal Zukan
Raikou TFG

Biggest want!
RESHIRAM POKEDOLL(I will literally give you *ANYTHING* FOR ONE.)

Also, news about my Badge GBs down here...

So, the Gen 4 badge GB was a failure. :? Sorry guys, but I just can't afford extras this time...
Gen 5, yours will be shipped soon!

Has anyone seen gengaar about? I still have his Volcano Badge...
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