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Back to school plush auctions and sales!!

Hello everyone!!

Long time no post. :3 It's been a while I know, but with my work schedule, upcoming wedding (in 2 weeks), commissions, and everything, things have been a tiny bit hectic. O_O

So I have decided to go back to school at the end of August, and am in need of some funds to move from Washington to Idaho and get situated while we (my fiance and I) both look for new jobs, since we have to give up our jobs to make the move. So sadly, I'm having to give up quite a large chunk of my side collections. And all of what I have for sale are plushies. Canvas and Pokedoll plushies to be exact (with a few Jakks, Banpresto, and a few others in there too). Please take a look at what I've got. :)

Sales/offers policies:

~Sales permissions given a LONG time ago by Lineaalba.
~Prices do not include shipping. I ship via USPS Priority mail.
~Prices are in USD and do not include Paypal fees.
~I accept Paypal only. PLEASE NO E-CHECKS!!
~All items come from a smoke-free, cat friendly home.
~Payment is due within 5 days of agreeing to purchase unless previous arrangements have been made.
~No payment plans please.

Offers go until Thursday night (July 5th, @10pm PST).

First we'll start out with the pokedolls. :P

Absol Pokedoll ~ Starts at $60

Tag is bent from storage.

Shadow Lugia Pokedoll ~ Starts at $60

Tag might be bent from storage.

Eevee Pokedoll ~ Starts at $50
Flareon Pokedoll ~ Starts at $50
Vaporeon Pokedoll ~ Starts at $60

Jolteon Pokedoll ~ Starts at $50
Glaceon Pokedoll ~ Starts at $70

They all have their tags (though most of them are creased in multiple places), and were purchased by me from the NY Pokemon Center when their online site was still around. So I can guarantee their authenticity. All but Glaceon are the velboa fabric versions.

Glaceon was purchased from the community some time ago and is the Japanese Minky version.

Umbreon Pokedoll ~ Starts at $20

I'm PRETTY SURE this guy is legit. He is just missing his hang tag, so I can't know for sure, which is why I'm starting his bid so low. He was purchased around the same time all my other legit pokedolls were purchased as well, and he faceplants like a champ. He does have his tush tag.

Arceus Pokedoll ~ Starts at $20
Teddiursa Pokedoll ~ Starts at $25
Groudon Pokedoll ~ Starts at $15

Arceus and Teddiursa are JP Minky versions, and Groudon is velboa American version.

Kyogre Pokedoll ~ $10
Chimchar Pokedoll ~ $10
Leafeon Jakks Plush ~ Starts at $20

Kyogre is pretty loved and has no hang tag. Chimchar is in great condition, but has no hang tag (I THINK he's Minky? Not sure...he's super soft). Leafeon Jakks plush has never been played with and has her hang tag, but it's bent a bit from storage.

Lugia Pokedoll ~ $15
Minccino Pokemon Center Plush ~ $20
TOMY Cyndaquil Plush ~ Starts at $15

Lugia is pretty loved and has no hang tag. Velboa version.

Mewtwo plushies are $15 each

Play by Play Mewtwo Plush ~ $15
Banpresto Mew Plush ~ Starts at $45
Bellossum Friends Plush ~ $5

Meowth Jakks Plush ~ $5
Mewtwo Plush ~ $15
Paki Paki Charizard Plush ~ Starts at $8

Paki Paki Charizard is a little bit loved and one of his wings no longer poses. I called him Limpy for a time. ;^^

Jakks Talking Shinx Plush ~ $25

Jumbo Mew Plush ~ Starts at $70

This plush is HUGE! He was released for the Lucario and Mystery of Mew movie. You can see a picture of his tag HERE. Shipping for this guy will be probably around $15, so keep that in mind please.

Terry Cloth Jumbo Mew Plush ~ Starts at $50

I received this plush in a YJ box, but it has no tags and one of its legs is a little understuffed, but I think it might be due to being in a box for so long. I know very little about this plush, but he is as big as the Mew plush listed above. Around $15 to ship this one as well.

Mewtwo Backpack Plush ~ Starts at $25

This Mewtwo backpack is pretty good condition, but he does have one tiny hole in his foot.

It is very tiny and is hardly noticeable unless you are looking for it. But that's why I'm starting out his bid so low.

And finally, I have a handful of auctions up on Ebay for three very rare eeveelution canvas plushies. You can view them at the following links:

Jolteon Canvas Plush Auction
Eevee Canvas Plush Auction
Flareon Canvas Plush Auction

Thanks for looking guys. :)
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