tsutarjafan_18 (tsutarjafan_18) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First Get @ Japan

Hi community
Tsutarjafan_18 here and currently in Japan right now
So I just got back from a nearby game arcade center and guess what I found the Waza Museum figurines. XDD

At first I had doubts that I wasn't going to win seeing I'm not really that good with these games but as always
the employees there is really nice so they moved all of them really close to the prize hole so I got the whole set. X33
Only used 600 yen for all of them, not too bad IMO XD

Thanks for looking and hope to update again once I visit the PKMN Center..can't wait!! X33
Tags: oshawott, snivy, tepig, zebstrika
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